WES Components Catalogue 2020

Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 Cables &Connectors † † Audio Visual Deluxe OFC HIGH QUALITY OFC AUDIO AND VIDEO LEADS These cables are 99.99% pure Copper with double shielding and a Cellular Polyethylene insulated jacket. The plugs are Gold plated, Teflon insulated, molded, RCA connectors. The figure 8 cable has an earth/remote power lead. Blister packed. 0.1M SOCKET TO 2-PLUGS HQ-OFC Length Code 0.1M OFC622 0.1M PLUG TO 2-SOCKETS HQ-OFC Length Code 0.1M OFC625 STEREO RCA WITH TRIGGER / EARTH WIRE Length Code 0.1M OFC606 0.8M STEREO HQ-OFC Length Code 0.8M OFC607 1.5M STEREO HQ-OFC Length Code 1.5M OFC608 3M STEREO HQ-OFC Length Code 3.0M OFC612 5M STEREO HQ-OFC Length Code 5.0M OFC614 8M STEREO HQ-OFC Length Code 8.0M OFC615 15M STEREO HQ-OFC Length Code 15M OFC616 STEREO AUDIO VIDEO HQ-OFC SUPPLIED PACKAGED Length Code 1.5M OFC50 3.0M OFC60 5.0M OFC61 8.0M OFC62 15M OFC65 Stereo Audio + Video 75Ω Composite Video Interconnect 99.99% Pure Copper. Electric Blue. COMPONENT VIDEO LEADS HQ-OFC SUPPLIED PACKAGED 3x 75Ω OFC Double Shielded 99.99% OFC Component Video Interconnect RGB/YUV Heavy duty electric blue jacketed Length Code 1.5M OFC70 3.0M OFC72 5.0M OFC73 8.0M OFC74 15M OFC75 INSTALLER OFC RCA LEADS PACKAGED & BULK Low Loss OFC Fully Shielded Cable with Gold Plated Plugs. Quality Interconnects for longer reliability connections. Description Code Bulk 15cm RCA10B PACKAGED OFC 1x RCA PLUG TO 2x RCA PLUGS Description Code Packaged 1.0M RCA15 PACKAGED OFC 2x RCA PLUGS TO 2x RCA PLUGS Description Code Packaged 1.0M RCA60 Packaged 3.0M RCA200 Packaged 5.0M RCA250 INSTALLER OFC 2x RCA PLUGS TO 2x RCA PLUGS Description Code Bulk 1.0M RCA60B Bulk 1.8M RCA180B Bulk 3.0M RCA200B Bulk 5.0M RCA250B Bulk 10M RCA260B Bulk 15M RCA270B INSTALLER OFC 3x RCA PLUGS TO 3x RCA PLUGS COMPONENT VIDEO YUV/RGB BULK Description Code Bulk 1.5M RCA302 Bulk 3.0M RCA303 Bulk 5.0M RCA305 Bulk 10M RCA310 Bulk 15M RCA315 PACKAGED OFC 3x RCA PLUGS TO 3x RCA PLUGS 3x RCA TO 3x RCA COMPONENT / RGB VIDEO Description 1 Code Packaged 1.5M OFC76 Packaged 3.0M OFC78 Packaged 5.0M OFC79 Packaged 8.0M OFC80 Packaged 15M OFC81 RCA VIDEO OR DIGITAL AUDIO INTERCONNECT 75Ω Quad-Shielded Video Interconnect Length Code 0.8M OFC501 1.5M OFC502 3.0M OFC503 5.0M OFC505 10M OFC510 † † Audio Visual Installer OFC † † Audio Visual Hand-Soldered OFC INSTALLER OFC 1x RCA PLUG TO 2x RCA SOCKETS 10CM STEREO HQ-OFC 02-20