WES Components Catalogue 2020

Service &Repair Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 ! † † DVD & CD Lasers HITACHI LASER & MECH 8 Red + 7 White MECHANISM COMPLETE Code HOPM3A-MECH LASER ONLY Code HOPM3A JVC LASER Original Part No Code OPTIMA6S, Use OPTIMA150S OPTIMA150S JVC LASER Suit Portable & Car CD Player Code OPTIMA720 LG LASER PIONEER PEA1335 LASER Code PEA1335 PIONEER CGY1023 LASER Code CGY1023 JVC LASER Code OPTIMA726A Code LP0152 If you just installed a new laser and it does not function Don’t Panic! - Check for the “Anti-Static Solder Blob”! For more info, please consult the units service manual. Pioneer Lasers are NOT pre-aligned! Please consult the units service manual. BEWARE ANTI-STATIC SOLDER JOINTS DVD & CD LASERS PANASONIC DVD LASER Suit Code DVD-RV20 VED0402-1 PHILIPS MARANTZ & NAD CDM12.4 Complete assembly & mechanism. Code CDM124 PHILIPS MARANTZ & NAD VAM2201 VAM2201/07 Complete with motors and laser assembly. Laser SP-2 94VO Code VAM2201 6716 DPH 005 A Code PVR502W-L Code PVR502W-S Code LP0150Z PANASONIC RAE LASER PICKUP PHILIPS MARANTZ & NAD CDM12.1 VAM1201 482269110615, VAM1202 930502220202 Code VAM1202 PHILIPS DVD VAL6011 VAL6011-01, 24H9XJA, 31042921990, 3140001, 45H9XJA, DVD711, 732. Code VAL6011 RAE0150Z RAE0152Z 11-22