WES Components Catalogue 2017 NP

Web: www.wes.net.au Email: sales@wes.net.au Electronic Components MORE COMPONENTS - See Following Pages... † † Valve Transformers MARSHALL POWER TRANSFORMERS MARSHALL REPLACEMENT TYPES Built to original specifications, correct ratios and lots of iron! Suits the classic JCM800’s, etc. OEM 17D030 17D040 Power 50W 100W Voltage 690V 700V Current 0.15A 0.3A Code MPT50 MPT100 MARSHALL OUTPUT TRANSFORMERS MARSHALL REPLACEMENT TYPES Built to original specifications, correct ratios and lots of iron! EL34’s, JCM800’s, not JCM900. FENDER OUTPUT TRANSFORMER OEM Fender Power 25W Primary 8.5KΩ +CT Secondary 8Ω Size 70x60x55mm Code NSC041318T FENDER COUPLING TRANSFORMER 4Ω - 14.5KΩ Fender: 022921 Reverb Driver Transformer suit most guitar amplifiers with analogue reverb. Marshall JCM800-2205/10. Fender 125A20B FENDER CHOKE SUITS FENDER 125CIA Replacement choke for Twin, Super, Dual Showman, Primary wind only (Choke) High temperature wires OEM 17D010 17D020 Power 50W 100W Primary 3.8KΩ 1.9KΩ Secondary 4Ω/8Ω/16Ω 4Ω/8Ω/16Ω Code MOP50 MOP100 BLUE BROWN 8500OHMS 8OHMS GREEN BLACK RED BLUE BROWN 14500OHMS 4OHMS GREEN BLACK Original Part No 125C1A 022699 Size 60x50x45mm Current 90mA DCR 100 L 4H Code NSC125C1A † † Valve Amp Switches TOGGLE SWITCH DPDT Code SWT125 DPST Code SWT123 SPST Code SWT121 TOGGLE SWITCH CENTRE OFF DPDT Heavy duty toggle Screw terminal x6 Double pole Double throw Centre OFF Max. 3A 250V Code SWT127 ROCKER SWITCH SNAP-IN 250Vac [Light=240Vac Neon] FOOT SWITCH TPDT TOGGLE Triple pole Kick Code SW3PDT DPDT TOGGLE Push-ON / Push-OFF Kick 6A-250Vac Code SWP328 SPST CARLING TOGGLE SWITCHES SPST TOGGLE Power & standby switches that can be used as replacement in Fenders®. 250Vac 3A. Fits Ø11.8mm hole. Code SWT110 SPST CARLING FOOTSWITCH SPST FOOTSWITCH Can be used in Fenders®, etc. reverb/trem/channel switching pedals.250Vac 3A. Fits Ø11.8mm hole. Code SWT110P STANDARD DPDT SLIDE SWITCH STANDARD DPDT SLIDE Standard DPDT (ON-ON) Low voltage slide switch. Can Replace bright switch in Fenders®. Code SW30 28mm DPDT FOOTSWITCH Used in many effects and switching units. 250Vac 1A (125Vac 3A). Fits Ø11.8mm hole. Code SWP316 Also suitable as 3.5W SE output. Hole Light Current Type Code 20x13mm No 4A DPST SW200 20x13mm No 6A SPST SW210 20x13mm No 6A SPDT SW215 20x13mm Green 4A DPST SW205 20x22mm No 5A DPST SW202 25x25mm No 10A DPST SW203 30x22mm No 10A DPDT SW220 30x22mm Red 10A DPDT SW225 Size Code 45x35x40mm NSC022921 10-49