Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 R 2 SB Acoustics Rinjani BE Loudspeaker Kit Review Review Written by Edgar Kramer Published: 01 May 2020 It’s been my experience that audio sees very rare true bargains Yes, there’s gear that presents varying degrees of value-for-money for different reasons. It may be due to an unexpectedly high build and parts quality at the asking price Sometimes, components may be widely perceived to perform beyond expectations There may be reasons attached to a company’s reputation or a given product’s legacy which may automatically bestow added worth. But a genuine bargain from a product that offers most of the above, and considerably more in a number of important areas, is akin to the sighting of Bigfoot… or if in the Aussie bush, the spotting of the mythical Yowie The SB Acoustics Rinjani BE debunks the myth – Yowies do exist after all What justifies such a waffle re the SB Acoustics Rinjani BE loudspeakers? Well, let’s start by saying this review heralds a first for SoundStage! Australia… and it’s also a new experience for this writer. The Rinjani BE are the first ever speakers which I’ve had to assemble myself! Yes, this is a DIY kit… Assembly – Easy as… The Rinjani BE cabinets come pre-assembled These are well made 18mm-MDF enclosures with multiple bracing schemes and separate chambers. The old knuckle wrap test (a crude but effective methodology) shows a solid cabinet with little likelihood of low frequency structural distortion Rinjani BE is a beautifully styled loudspeaker The perfectly seamless cabinet joints, the asymmetrical chiselled top corners and the backwards-slanting stance make Rinjani extremely attractive to the eye So does the finish – a high quality gloss white, in the case of my samples. Rinjani is available in a number of paint finishes to suit any environment (there’s even a gloss orange which would be stunning in many homes) So, to start the assembly process… Tools-wise all you need is a Philips-head screw driver and a couple of Allen keys (3mm and 2.5mm) – that’s it. Beneficial but not essential is a hot glue gun should you desire to fully seal the crossover sub-enclosure and to more securely adhere the supplied Dacron damping material to the cabinet internal panels STEP 1. The high quality crossovers are ready to go, all you need to do is to fasten them (four small screws each) to the Rinjani BE’s bottom plate This crossover platform serves as both the sealing panel for the crossover compartment and as an extension plinth for the speaker as a whole The former is a good thing for isolating the crossover from the rest of the cabinet internals and the driver- induced forces within while the latter provides added stability for the speakers From there, clearly marked wiring looms are fed through small perforations on the top panel of the crossover compartment and into the cabinet proper Said cabinet is well-braced and, as mentioned above, compartmentalised into sections for optimum driver operation Oh, also stemming from the crossover, an additional cable set screws on to the binding posts which are mounted on a small nicely machined silver steel plate STEP 2. Once all the cable looms are channelled through into the enclosure proper, the bottom plate (remember the crossover has been screwed on to it by now) should be bolted back Connection to each driver is as simple as hooking the lug-terminated wires to the appropriate driver terminal and the speaker binding post inputs (in other words, signal terminals from the amplifier). If you prefer – and are adept at swinging a soldering iron – you could lop the lugs off and silver-solder the bare wires to all the terminals, however, the lugs make it, literally, a snap to wire-up Observe polarity; this is crucial obviously STEP 3. This last step involves bolting all of the drivers and the binding posts panel on to their rebated receptacles All Allen head bolts are provided All bolt sockets align perfectly and I encountered zero issues In fact, the entire exercise – assembling a stereo pair – was rather enjoyable and took me less than two hours And I’m no Jim the Handyman FINAL TOUCH. A stick-on ‘SB Acoustics’ badge/plate is provided and you’re free to place that wherever you please. Lastly, carry to your listening room, put in place, hook-up to your amplifier of choice, micro-fibre polish the gorgeous finish… and enjoy. This SoundStage! Australia ‘first’ was a super-cool project. I was pleased with the Rinjani BE’s ease of assembly and by the fact that so little is demanded in terms of tools and handyman skills Impressive too was the close tolerances designed across the Rinjani BE’s cabinet and drivers interface Said cabinets are well constructed, attractively styled and beautifully finished. But the most impressive aspect is the generosity of the drivers selected by SB Acoustics The company’s flagship Satori range has deservedly accomplished a very high reputation, continuing to attract an increasing number of high-end loudspeaker makers The adoption of these excellent transducers spans across a variety of designs from renowned manufacturers Which brings me to yet another of Rinjani BE’s superpowers – value for money I struggle to think of a floorstander anywhere near this price point offering a mix of such high quality drivers and which is built to this level of integrity and finish. Add to that, most importantly, the fact that Rinjani BE performs, presenting music to very high standards Think towards double its value and you’d be in the ball park Mount Rinjani is the second largest active volcano in Indonesia. As a fitting reflection of the sheer might of a volcanic event, the SB Acoustics Rinjani BE is a force-of-nature erupting on to the quality loudspeaker space Yes, I’m convinced the Rinjani BE is a compelling, genuine high-end audio bargain … Edgar Kramer https://www soundstageaustralia com/index php/reviews/395-sb-acoustics-rinjani-be-loudspeaker-ki t Read the Full Review SoundStageAustralia com au Exceptional Value