WES Components Catalogue 2020

Web: www.wes.net.au Email: [email protected] Power & Lighting Align plutowith mounting ring as shown Retainingnut 80mm grommet TwistPLUTO into place until you hear a ‘click’ mounting ring PLUTO makes sharing power a pleasure. Studies show that people work far more effectively in small groups and indeed new ideas come from people working in pairs. With over 25 years experience in the market, and as leaders in terms of design and practicality, OE Elsafe have developed Pluto to match our customers’ desire for a solution that fits these new ways of working. With 3 outlet positions, PLUTO is perfect for a small team to power/charge their devices using conventional mains plugs. Optionalmounting adaptor ring screw fi xing for anchoring TwistPLUTO into place mounting ring Optional secure Invisible Lock 2M PLUTO satisfies a demand for Mains and USB power and data connectivity, in informal spaces, in a way that no other module has done before. Perfectly suited to breakout areas, smaller meeting rooms, public spaces and anywhere access is needed. ELSAFE PLUTO AC + USB + RJ45 AC SOCKET WITH OPTIONAL USB-A / USB-C POWER OR ETHERNET SOCKETS Grommet 80mmØ THROUGH DESK ON DESK Distribute power and data and multi-media throughout offices and buildings in a new way. Elsafe offers a modern solution to the cable chaos for a professional soft-wire installation. Please see our website for details. Elsafe catalogue is available. ELSAFE PROFESSIONAL ELECTRICAL FITTINGS Mount GPO USB USB Total RJ45 Lead Plug Code Surface Feet 2 1x A, 1x C 5A 0 2M 3 Pin 240Vac 512000 Surface Feet 1 2x A, 2x C 10A 0 2M 3 Pin 240Vac 512001 Surface Feet 0 3x A, 3x C 15A 0 2M 3 Pin 240Vac 512002 Mount GPO USB USB Total RJ45 Lead Plug Code Grommet 80mmØ 1 1x A, 1x C 5A 2 2M 3 Pin 240Vac 513000 Grommet 80mmØ 1 1x A, 1x C 5A 2 0.8M J Coupler 513001 Grommet 80mmØ 2 1x A, 1x C 5A 0 2M 3 Pin 240Vac 513002 Grommet 80mmØ 2 1x A, 1x C 5A 0 0.8M J Coupler 513003 Grommet 80mmØ 1 2x A, 2x C 5A 0 2M 3 Pin 240Vac 513004 Grommet 80mmØ 1 2x A, 2x C 10A 0 0.8M J Coupler 513005 ROUND DESK GROMMET FOR 60MM DIAM HOLES DESKTOP CABLE PASS-THROUGHS This plastic desk grommet is a practical solution to organise electrical and computer cables in your home and office. It features a spring-loaded trapdoor that can easily swivels away, you can route your cables through to beneath your desk easily and quickly. Easy to install and use. This grommet fits in desk holes 60mm in diameter and with a 70mm diameter flange. Colour Code Black DG1228 Beige DG1229 Grey DG1230 White DG1231 60 70 45 19 † † AC Power Desk Grommet 96W RECESSED MOUNTED FAST USB CHARGER WITH 2x QC 3.0 USB-A + 1x USB-C PD 3.0 CHARGING PORTS Integrate a powerful Qualcomm QC3.0 QuickCharge USB-A and USB-C PD 3.0 laptop, tablet and smartphone charger into your office desk. Up to 96W 20V 4.3A. (Requires USB charging cable) Fits 60mmØ or 80mm cut-out hole. Colour Code Black LS-E3UBK White LS-E3UWH 60mmØ to 80mmØ Adaptor 15W RECESSED MOUNTED WIRELESS CHARGER INCLUDES SMART QC3.0 POWER SUPPLY Recessed Qi wireless charger supports Qi-enabled devices include the newest Apple iPhone 11, Samsung Note 10. Supports 5V and 9V output 15W max. Standard 60mm office desk hole. Includes QC 3.0 USB charger and cable. Colour Code Black LS-E15W-BK White LS-E15W-WH Qualcomm Quick Charge ™ ® 30 Qualcomm Quick Charge ™ ® 30 08-71