WES Components Catalogue 2020

Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 Power & Lighting plate Suitable for charging iPod,iPhone, iPad, tablets, smartphones, mobile phones, MP3 players, GPS units and many more devices Ideal for installing at a desk workstation for handy access to power and to charge mobile devices. 4 WAY POWERBOARD WITH USB-B & USB-C 3.1A NOW WITH USB-C SOCKETS! This Jackson Powerboard has 4 outlets plus 2 USB Type-B and 2 USB Type-C for charging your devices 3.1A. It's ideal for home and office applications and has a slimline design to fit neatly behind furniture. Code PT2929SUSB3C 4 way powerboard with individually switched power outlets. One extra-spaced outlet to suit larger power adaptor 10A resettable thermal fuse protection. Surge protection. 525J. Heat resistant case, flame retardant for fire safety. 4x USB outlets with total USB current 4.5 Amps (Total). 1 Metre power cord with right angle plug. Code PB435 † † AC Power USB 4 WAY POWER BOARD SWITCHED WITH USB 4.5A POWERBOARD SWITCHED WITH USB 4 individually switched surge and overload protected outlets. Includes 4 USB outlets 3.1A total, suitable for charging and powering USB. 1 metre lead with right angle plug. Type Code 4 Way PT1814USB3A 6 Way PT1816USB3A Amps Code 1A (Total) PT1USB IN-LINE POWER OUTLET WITH USB SOCKETS X2 Power or charge your USB powered devices. USB charging outlets, a power status indicator and a surge protected 240V outlet. TWO USB-B OUTLETS FOUR USB-B OUTLETS 4 WAY POWER BLOCK WITH USB 2.1A DESK STAND OR SCREW MOUNT 2 USB Charging outlets - 2.1 Amp 4 Mains power outlets (3 sides + up) Includes screw on/stick-on mounting Code PT5700 IN-LINE POWER OUTLET USB-A & USB-C USB-A & USB-C Power or charge your USB powered devices. USB Type-A and Type-C charging outlets. Surge protected 240V outlet. Amps Code 3.4A PT4USB3C MAINS EXTENSION & USB CHARGER - JACKSON 1 METRE EXTENSION USB Sockets for Powering USB devices and charging, etc. 1M cord to R/A Plug. 5Vdc (3 Amps are total). Amps Code 3.4A (Total) PT3USB3A 10 WAY POWER BOARD WITH USB CHARGER WITH POWER SWITCH - JACKSON USB Sockets for Powering USB devices and charging, etc. Surge protection. Spaced sockets. Power Switch. 10A Circuit Breaker. 1M cord to R/A Plug. 5Vdc (4.5 Amps are total). Code PT1055 Amps Code 1A (Total) PT4USB 4.2A (Total) PT4USB4A 10W WIRELESS CHARGING DESKTOP POWER HUB WITH 2x AC / 2x USB / 2x USB-C OUTLETS Code PT2USBWI 10W wireless charging. USB charging at up to 5V 3.4A from the USB & USB-C ports. Non slip feet. Power & surge protection indicators. DESKTOP POWER HUB WITH USB & USB-C WITH INTEGRATED DEVICE STAND Fast Charging 3.4A 2x USB & 2x USBC ports Surge protected power outlets Code PT2USBP Lead management system and device holder Non slip feet. Power & surge protection indicators 08-68