WES Components Catalogue 2020

Web: www.wes.net.au Email: [email protected] Tools and Test Equipment 07-97 17mm ESD BRUSH 18mm ESD BRUSH 32mm ESD BRUSH 32mm ESD BRUSH 55mm ESD BRUSH 60mm ESD BRUSH 65mm ESD BRUSH Code HT2033 Zinc plated steel handle. 1cm Tuft oval brush for general ESD safe dusting Quality instrument. Low loss of fibres. Long life Horse hairs. 120mm length handle. HORSE HAIR BRUSH BRUSH ESD DUSTER 10mm Code HT2032 Zinc plated steel handle. 1cm Tuft oval brush for general ESD safe scrubbing 2nd Chiselled brush end for tight corners, etc. Long life Hog bristles. 120mm length handle. HOG BRISTLE DOUBLE ENDED BRUSH ESD SCRUBBER 10mm Code HT2021 Static neutral plywood 3 row hog bristle brush Conductive plastic ESD safe bristles on reinforced plywood. Handle 120mm Bristle 12mm ESD BRISTLE 4" SCRUBBER BRUSH ESD SCRUBBER SMALL Code HT2027 Static neutral plywood single row hog bristle flat, wide head design Compact quality tool Long life hog bristle Length 110mm Head 30mm Wide HOG BRISTLE 4" CLEANER BRUSH DUSTER SCRUBBER MINI Code HT2022 Static neutral plywood 4 row horse hair brush General utility scrubbing 12mm trim length. Firm, long-life Horse hair. Handle 265mm Bristle 12mm HORSE HAIR 10" SCRUBBER BRUSH HEAVY-DUTY LARGE Size Code 1" HT9025 2" HT9050 3" HT9075 4" HT9100 Classic paint brush. Wooden handle. Quality very-fine synthetic bristle well clamped. Won't loose stray hairs. Four popular sizes... POLY-BRISTLE PAINT BRUSHES - NYLON † † Brushes ANTISTATIC BRUSHES CONDUCTIVE FIBRE Synthetic bristles and conductive black fibres. Dissipative polypropylene black handles are able to remove charges to ground. Brushes minimize static charge generation and dissipate ESD charges to ground when held by grounded personnel. Remove dirt from PCB’s or other sensitive components, and discharge static electricity. Heat Resistance up to 80°C. Mild Chemical and Acid Resistance. Handle surface resistivity 1MΩ-1GΩ (PP). Bristle surface resistivity 10MΩ-10GΩ (Nylon). Anti-static Nylon bristle with Ø 0.12mm. Long (29mm)Thick Bristles (Hard) Size Code 17mm ESD-B05 Short (18mm) Thin Bristles (Soft) Size Code 18mm ESD-B04 10mm width with triple bristle rows Size Code 10x32mm ESD-B01 Single bristle row Size Code 32mm ESD-B07 Single bristle row Size Code 55mm ESD-B09 12mm width with Triple bristle rows Size Code 12x60mm ESD-B02 32mm wide with five bristle rows Size Code 32x65mm ESD-B06