WES Components Catalogue 2020

Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 Tools and Test Equipment † † Gloves Professional products designed for servicing consumer electronics with a complete line of ultra-pure swabs and wipes engineered to be highly absorbent and precise. Supplied sealed packaged CHEMTRONICS® SWABS AND APPLICATORS QTY Code 100x CT100 Pharmaceutical grade extremely soft, absorbent, rigid shaft. Pieces 100 COTTONTIPS™ QTY Code 1000x CT5000 Pharmaceutical grade, tightly wound absorbent, general purpose. Pieces 1000 COTTONTIPS™ LOW LINT QTY Code 100x CT2000 Pharmaceutical grade extremely soft, absorbent, both ends. Pieces 100 COTTONTIPS™ 2 HEAD QTY Code 50x CF50 Lint-free non-abrasive cellular urethane cleaning swabs. Pieces 50 FOAMTIPS™ #100 QTY Code 50x CF4050 Small Circular Head. For tight hard to reach applications. Pieces 50 FOAMTIPS™ #140 QTY Code x10 VCS10 High quality synthetic chamois tipped with 45° angled shaft. Gives easy reach, non-abrasive cleaning for video heads, etc. Packaged in bags of TEN. Approx. 75mm length 75mm 10 PIECES DAICHI 75mm CHAMOIS SWAB QTY Code x20 VCS20 Ridged wooden shaft Tipped with a sponge Foam applicator, etc. 150mm 20 PIECES DAICHI FOAM TIP QTY Code x100 ACS100 Ridged wooden shaft white cotton tipped 150mm 100 PIECES DAICHI COTTON BUDS Size Code Small GLV2ESDS Medium GLV2ESDM Large GLV2ESDL Elastic wrist cuffs Palm and finger coated with antistatic urethane for a non-slip grip. STATIC DISSIPATIVE COATED GLOVES SOFT WITH ESD NYLON GRIP Size QTY Code Small 100x GLV100S Medium 100x GLV100M Large 100x GLV100L Powder free Nitrile examination gloves. Special formula without allergens, silicone, etc. (1V). BSEN455:2000 ISO9002.EN46002. Hypersensitive feel. 50 pairs supplied in a dispenser box. 100% NITRILE “SAFE” GLOVES ESD DISPOSABLE GLOVES SOFT CLOTH COTTON 100% COTTON SOFT Stretch comfortable. Protect hands and equipment from finger prints, etc. Re- usable, cleanable. Supplied in pairs. Size Code Small GLV2 † † Cleaning Swabs and Applicators † † Daichi GLOVES SOFT CLOTH NYLON SOFT WASHABLE MATERIAL Protect hands and equipment from fingerprints. Made with Nylon. Reusable, cleanable. Supplied in pairs. Size Code Medium GLV2-NY-MED Large GLV2-NY-LG GLOVES RIGGER - COW GRAIN / CLOTH BACKED CLOTH BACKED FOR BREATHING Safety gloves made with leather and cloth Large universal size. Supplied in pairs. QTY Code Pair GLV-GR25 GLOVES RIGGER - ALL COW GRAIN Leather safety gloves. Comfort & protection. Front and back leather glove. Large universal size. Supplied in pairs. QTY Code Pair GLV-GR01 ADJUSTABLE CUFF QTY Code Pair GLV150-1 GLOVES ALL POLYESTER WATER PROOF WORK GLOVES LATEX GRIP 5 PAIRS Soft and thin polyester gloves as excellent grip and elastic wrist cuff. QTY Code 5 pairs GLV150-5 GLOVES COTTON WITH LATEX GRIP WORK GLOVES - FOUR PAIRS The large gripper work gloves are made with a breathable cotton and a thickened layer of latex coating. QTY Code 4 pairs GLV150-4 07-96