WES Components Catalogue 2020

Web: www.wes.net.au Email: [email protected] Tools and Test Equipment 07-93 AF WHITEBOARD CLEANING SPRAY 250mL Boardclene White Board Cleaner - Effectively removes ingrained dirt and essentially makes boards look like new again. No residue. Suggested for use on interactive boards. Anti static. Non Flammable. Lemon Fragrance (250ml Pump Spray) Size Code 250ml ABCL250 AF FOAMCLENE ANTI-STATIC FOAM CLEANER Foamclene - Anti-static foaming cleaner for removing ingrained grease, dust and dirt on plastic casings, office furniture and walls. Non flammable and anti static. Effective bactericide. Use with Safecloths, Safewipes or PC buds. 300ml Size Code 300ml AFCL300 AF COMPRESSED AIR DUSTER 200mL Compressed air for blowing dust and debris from inaccessible areas of computer and office equipment. Including extension tube for reaching confined areas. 200ml aerosol. Size Code 200ml AFDUS200 AF CLEANER & HAND SANITISER 50mL Hand Sanitising Gel - Convenient, compact sized pump bottle makes AF Hand Gel perfect for personal use, its small enough to place inside a handbag, briefcase or school bag. Fragrance free, alcohol based solution for the rapid disinfection. 50ml. Size Code 50ml AHSG050 AF CLEANER & HAND SANITISER 500mL Hand Sanitising Gel - Fragrance free, alcohol based solution for the rapid disinfection of physically clean hands with added vitamin E and blend of emollients to minimise hands drying out. Kills bacteria, yeasts and moulds and dries quickly. 500ml. Size Code 500ml AHSG500 AF ISOCLENE PUMP SPRAY CLEANER 250ML Isoclene - Isopropanol for technical cleaning use by technicians. Ideal for cleaning magnetic read/write heads, edge connectors when reseating PC boards, etc. (250 ml Pump Spray) Size Code 250ml AISO250 AF PLATENCLENE PRINTER ROLLER CLEANER Platenclene - Non-toxic solvent pump spray for cleaning and restoring grip of all types of rubber rollers. Restores grip of printer and fax rollers. Leaves no residue, dissolves ink stains, oil, grease and reduces paper jams. For best results, use this with AF safecloths, safetiss or safebuds. Size Code 100ml APCL100 AF AEROSOL SPRAY DUSTER 400g Non-flammable large capacity aerosol duster. Suitable for blowing dust and debris from inaccessible areas of computer and office equipment. Ozone friendly, HFC free, fully compliant with F-gas regulations. Non invertible. 400g (342ml). Size Code 342ml ASDU400D AF ECO FRIENDLY SPRAY DUSTER 420ML The world's first Zero Active Carbon Sprayduster 420mL. Zero Flammability. Zero combustion. Zero contribution to world's CO2 level. Zero Residue. Zero odour. Zero limitation to spray angle. Variable Strength actuator. Non- flammable. 420ml. Size Code 420ml ASDZ420D AF ANTI-STATIC GENERAL SURFACE CLEANER AF Staticide is an all-round general purpose surface cleaner, specially designed to remove ingrained dirt from external electronic equipment casings. 250mL Size Code 250ml ASTA250D † † Sprays & Cleaning Solutions - AF Featured