WES Components Catalogue 2020

Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 Tools and Test Equipment 07-80 Sender Receiver Buzzer LAN TRACER AND TONER KIT Test for sending and tracing a tone, cable continuity, coaxial, polarity, and verifying a line. The LAN Tracer is designed to identify and trace wires or cables within a group without damaging the insulation. Works Code TCT-490 with any tone generator to identify wires. Red and Black test leads are provided, and has a standard 4 conductor modular cord and plug. Composite tip reduces shock risk. Adjustable volume control. WIRE TRACER WIRE TRACER / TONE GENERATOR (AUDIBLE & VISIBLE) Includes transmitter & receiver unit. Ideal for Telephone Line test, Wire identification, Continuity check, Continuous audio sound and visible LED while checking continuity, Compact and pen size receiver. Comes with alligator clip and RJ11 plug, Radio type battery 9V (1Pc), AAA(2 Pcs) and carry pouch. Code MS-7847 Code CZ1000 The CZ1000 is a modern Cable Pair Identifier used for finding conductors in multi-pair cables, distribution boxes and tag strips. Includes an Oscillator (Transmitter) and Search Probe (Receiver). Connected to the cable to be traced, it provides a signal which the probe can detect. The probe will emit a warble tone when the tip of the probe is over or near the wanted pair. The transmitter is designed to easily fit into confined spaces of connecting pillars, whilst the receiver is ergonomically shaped to alleviate hand strain and easy use. Professional grade from AEGIS Australia. Includes Heavy-Duty protective Case. Requires 1x “9V” and 2x “AA” Batteries. ELECTRICIAN TELECOM DATACOM TECHNICIANS CABLE PAIR IDENTIFIER - TONE PROBE † † Cable Testers COAXIAL CABLE TESTER Quick-connect "F" plug for testing RF Coax with a DC voltage. LED Indicator shows a short circuit. Unplug the receiver from the pen and connect to the other end of the cable for an audible confirmation of a connection. All metal, pocket sized. Includes GP23 battery and Female-Female "F" adaptor. 2-PART SEND / RECEIVE TRACER Code CT16 BUTTINKSI TELEPHONE TECHNICIANS TEST PHONE Safe and protected Linemans handset Drop-proof rugged design Tone (DTMF) dialling. Pulse (decadic) dialing. Last number re-dial. Monitoring (high Z). Ringer with switch. Metal Belt hook. 2 x RJ12 sockets for line connection CORD TO SUIT 1 x Double Socket Extension. 1 x 1.0M RJ12–RJ12 lead. 1 x 0.3M RJ12–RJ12 lead. 1 x 0.3M RJ12– Two Pole Krone style plug. Code TS9000 Code TS9003 † † Communication Testers