WES Components Catalogue 2020

Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 Tools and Test Equipment 07-60 HDMIOUT Toslink INPUT Output Code HDMI 1.2 CPA-4 VIDEO PATTERN GENERATOR DIGITAL MOTION HDMI WITH MOTION BLOCK This is a wide variety of PC and HD pattern for stable test signals. Use the keypad or remote control to select patterns and timing. • On-panel LED display and LED indicators and Remote control. • HDMI v1.2, HDCP1.1 and DVI1.0 compliant 1.65Gbps • PC Mode: VGA60, SVGA60, XGA60, SXGA60, UXGA60 , WUXGA60. • HD Mode: 576p-50, 480p-60, 720p-50/60, 1080i-50/60, 1080p-50/60. • Output Signal: DVI / HDMI / Auto Detect. • 8 Groups with 36 patterns. With Motion block. • Audio: Internal 1 kHz Sine 48kHz Multiple Ch (up to 8) • HDCP Verify. EDID support: VESA EDID v1.3 and EIA/CEA 861 V3. 3D MINI HDMI ANALYZER HDMI SOURCE ANALYZER The Mini HDMI™ 3D Analyzer is the perfect hand-held tool for checking both source (Blu-ray or DVD players) and display devices (TV or monitors). With touch button controls and built-in OLED display, the unit can report the status and information of both the input and output devices connected to it via HDMI. The Mini Analyzer can be used to analyze the input source device info-frame and output sink device EDID. It also has a built-in pattern generator that can be used to test the capabilities of the display device including 3D and resolution/timing support. Output Code HDMI 3D CH-A1 † † Television and Monitor HDMI SIGNAL GENERATOR & ANALYSER 4K60 This portable HDMI Signal Generator & Analyser provides a convenient way to test and verify all aspects of an HDMI signal path, including source and output. This unit complies with the HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 1.4/2.2 standards. The unit’s Analyser mode complies with the CEA standard HDR static metadata extensions CEA-861-F and CEA-861.3 for EDID analysis. Input Output Max Res. Code 1×HDMI 1×HDMI [email protected] CPHD-V4L Current Code 2 AMP TDB240-500 Isolation transformer for protecting yourself from the 240Vac mains. Ideal for TV repair of live chassis units. Allows connection of CROs to equipment. Essential for the technicians bay. POWER MAINS ISOLATOR Current Code 2A MP3080 Not an isolation type! If repairing Live Chassis An isolation transformer should be used for safety. Variable mains transformer. Outputs 0Vac to 260Vac. Maximum power is 500V/A. Toroidal transformer with mechanical wiper that will vary the AC Voltage output. Includes fuse and switch. Includes voltage meter. Input/output mains lead. AUTOTRANSFORMER VARIAC † † Isolation Transformers Code CT81028 HDMI CABLE TESTER - CT81028 The compact HDMI cable tester is designed for checking and troubleshooting HDMI cables. Useful for checking for faults with cables or inwall installations. All pins tested base-unit to Base-unit, plus a cable tracer receiver for checking installed cables. † † Video Cable Tester VHS TEST TAPE Colour bar. Code VID50 Master copy. Premium Q. Code VID70 DISPLAYPORT CABLE TESTER NF-633 DisplayPort cable tester checks the internal wires individually and then displays the result at the LED panel. Supports DisplayPort and mini DisplayPort Max testing distance: 15m Requires 9V battery Code NF633 † † Test Discs and Tapes