WES Components Catalogue 2020

Tools and Test Equipment Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 07-38 Code WML100 Standard Butane refillable Up to 25 minutes use on each filling Applications include Heatshrink tubing Fusing rope ends Unfreezing locks Piezo ignition Acute focusing Flame adjustable Weller branded KEY-RING SIZED MINI-BLOW TORCH GAS FLAMELESS HEAT GUN USES A COMMON LIGHTER Code MJ600 GAS CARTRIDGE Looks like a common lighter but is actually a REFILLABLE cartridge Replacement (Included with MJ600) Code A7L2 Designed to provide flameless heating,not a direct flame, for reducing heatshrink insulation without burning it. Once started, the tip generates instant heat regulated at the correct temp for reducing heatshrink MICRO-JET POCKET FLAME USES A COMMON LIGHTER Piezo Electronic Ignition system with safety locking switch (MJ-300) or Child Resistant Ignition (MJ-320). Powered by IRODA refillable RC-30 or readily available disposable lighters. Flame temperature up Code MJ-300 GAS CARTRIDGE Looks like a common lighter but is actually a REFILLABLE cartridge Replacement (Included with MJ-330) Code A7L2 † † Blow Torches to 1300°C(2400°F) Windproof flame and waterproof ignition make the MICRO-JET™ ideal for camping and outdoor use. Compact size allows the unit to fit easily into any first aid/survival kit or tool kit. tubing (650C).Powered by a refillable gas cartridge, and with trigger-actuated piezo starter,it makes heatshrinking a breeze! Includes a refillable gas cartridge suitable for 20 minutes operation. HOT GLUE GUN 30W Code MGG10 10cm x 7mm GLUE STICKS Pack of Dimensions Code 6 100x7mm NGGS6 50 100x7mm NGGS50 PRO-TORCH SERIES BUTANE TORCH EASY REFILL WITH ANY BRAND OF BUTANE GAS •Electronics, Chef or craft work, etc. •State of the art waterproof Piezo Electronic ignition system. • Up to 35 minutes use on each filling. • Wind-resistant flame at up to 1300°C. •Child-resistant ignition for safety. •Compact size with ergonomic grip. Adjustable air flow control valve. • 25ml Refill with any brand of butane gas. • Patented adjustable flame length device. Code PT-110 † † Hot Glue Gun & Glues HOT GLUE GUN 60W This fantastic hot melt glue gun is ideal for a wide variety of bonding jobs including the following; toys, models, furniture, wood, metal, electronic kits, PCB components, seals and much more. Code GG60W HOT GLUE GUN - CORDLESS Code GK-368 GLUE STICKS 7mm GLUE STICKS 12mm These glue sticks are 12mm in diameter. Suitable for standard glue guns. Pack of Dimensions Code 6 100x12mmØ GGS10 10 300x12mmØ GGS103 USES 7MM GLUE STICKS Cordless, requires 4x AA batteries. LED light. Uses 7mmØ glue sticks (3 included). Easy to operate, simply put the glue stick into the gun, switch on and let it heat up for 5-8 minutes. 60W power. Suits glue sticks with diameter: 10.8mm - 12mmØ. This simple to use mini glue gun is suitable for use with toys, models, decorations, furniture, woodwork, cardboard, etc. Simply plug the power cable to the 240Vac mains and then use the trigger to control glue feed. Requires 7mm diameter glue sticks. 2 supplied. 200g BUTANE GAS REFILL 200g butane gas refill for gas soldering irons. Weller brand. Only available for in store pick up customers. Code WBR200 CAN NOT FLY