WES Components Catalogue 2020

Web: www.wes.net.au Email: [email protected] Communications PHONE DISASSEMBLY TOOL KIT 4 PIECE • Spudger Tool (120mm) - Metal • Point-Blade Solder Aid Tools (155mm) - Nylon • Spudger Solder Aid Tools (140mm) - Nylon • Fork-Blade Solder Aid Tools (172mm) - Nylon Code MS-3176 PHONE DISASSEMBLY TOOL KIT 17 PIECE iPHONE 4/5/6 & OTHERS 17 in 1 Tool Kit is a professional, portable and complete kit. Perfect fit for Apple products, also allows opening of many other devices as well without any damage. Code SD-9314 PHONE DISASSEMBLY TOOL KIT 41 PIECE FOR REPAIRING NOTEBOOK, SMARTPHONE & TABLETS ETC. Tools to repair your computer, smartphone, Apple iPhone, tablets, gaming consoles and other type of electronics devices. All the components are included in a plastic case. Code STE-502 SMARTPHONE REPAIR TOOL KIT 51 PIECE iPHONE 4/5/6 & OTHERS Mobile Phone disassembly tool kit in a wallet tool case. Includes 80mm Aluminium Driver, Plastic Pry Tools and Paddle ABS, Suction Pad, 115mm Extension Bit Holder, Magnetic Parts Mat, Tweezer, Metal Spudger and a comprehensive range of assorted bits, all neatly encased in a zip-up wallet. Code KM-2015 6 PIECES iPHONE OPENING TOOL SET - PROSKIT This 6 pieces iPhone opening tool set is perfect fit for Apple iPhone repair without damaging the phone. Code PK-9110 It has a 5 point P2 screwdriver, a #000 Phillips screwdriver, 2x POM opening levers, a prying paddle and a 36mmØ suction cup. PHONE DISASSEMBLY TOOL KIT 7 PIECE iPHONE 4/5/6 & OTHERS Mobile Phone disassembly tool kit. Includes micro T4 Torx and phillips screw drivers and plastic opening tools. Code HT9022 PHONE DISASSEMBLY TOOL KIT 23 PIECE iPHONE 4/5/6 & OTHERS Mobile Phone disassembly tool kit. Includes bits and screw driver plus plastic opening tools. Code KM-2082C † † More Tools - See Section 07... MORE MICRO-DRIVER TOOL KITS See Section 07 Tools & Test 06-45