WES Components Catalogue 2020

Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 Communications ANTENNA HOLE COVER 20mm CAP Block a hole where a car antenna was. Protects metalwork Stainless steel cap Rubber grommet no-scratch. Code CBA28 † † Antenna Bases CB BASE & LEAD UHF RG58U 3.6M Coax With 5/16" base SO239 BASE & LEAD SO239 ½" Base FME Male Plug LL100 0.4M Coax Type Code UHF CBL16 FME M-F Length Code 3.0M CAL30 5.0M CAL50 10M CAL100 SO239 BASE & LEAD UHF CB BASE SO239 Socket 5.0M RG58 Coax Suit ½" Hole Requires bracket Heatshrink sealed Benelec 10109 Plug FME Female Length Code 5.0M CBL15 STANDARD CB BASE 5/16" UHF Ground plane antenna base ½" Mounting Hole to 5/16". UHF up to 520MHz HEAVY DUTY CB BASE ½" Code CBB4 PL259 ANTENNA BASE 5/16" GROUNDED SO239 5/16" Antenna to SO239 Socket. Wide bandwidth Suit UHF, etc. Premium grade long-life Delrin weather proof. Code CBB6 SO239 ANTENNA BASE Solder type for affixing PL259 antennas. Wide band UHF Stainless steel. Code CBB5 PL259 ANTENNA ADAPTOR PL259 Female to 5/16" Male Plug an antenna Direct into a SO239 Type Base With Delrin boot Solid brass bolt Code CBA272 ½" Bolt through 15mm mounting hole to PL259 Plug. Suitable for 3 & 6ft heavy duty whips. Ground independent ½" through-bolt type. Large Delrin base. CB BASE & LEAD UHF 477MHz UHF Base and RG58 lead 5M to PL259 Plug. Aerpro. Code CBBL1 CB BASE & LEAD FME 477MHz UHF Base and RG58 lead 5M. Separate FME to PL259 Plug. Aerpro. Code CBBL2 SUCTION-CUP MAGNETIC BASE 1520MHz 120mmO/D 15mmI/D Super strong non-scratch UHF base Suction cap & magnet for extra grip. Black low-profile. Blank 15mm hole Suits CB, UHF, Mobile Phones, etc. Requires antenna attachment. Code MB3 Benelec Code 10108 CBL13 Code CBB3 EXTENSION LEAD CB BASE & LEAD UHF SOLDERED PLUG RG58U 3.6M Coax With 5/16" base Benelec Code 10108A CBL13A 38mm 34mm 30mm Coax Preparation 06-24