WES Components Catalogue 2020

Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 Security & Surveillance EASY WIRE BNC-Video / RCA-Audio / DC One Neat Cable RCA-Video / DC CAMERA EXTENSION LEADS Length Code 10M VC310 17M VC324 Length Code 10M VC6710 15M VC6712 20M VC6713 VIDEO GROUND-LOOP ISOLATOR Passive device for removing common interference & noise caused by cable points with different ground potentials Built-in Transient Voltage Suppressor surge protection Eliminate tearing & cross-talk BNC COAX CCTV FIX Code VB001 Code VB002 VIDEO & POWER RCA VIDEO RCA Plug-Plug POWER 2.1mm Plug-Socket AUDIO-VIDEO-POWER BNC VIDEO BNC Plug-Plug AUDIO RCA Plug-Plug POWER 2.1mm Plug-Socket WITH DVR FIX Same as above with extra filtering for digital noise For DVR line noise, etc. SEE CABLE & CONNECTORS SECTION † † Connection Cables DC & BNC LEADS Details Code 2.1mm DC Plug to 1.8M lead P421L 2.1mm DC Plug [R/A] to 1.8M DCL2112RA BNC [M] to RCA [F] Adaptor AD230 BNC Plug Screw Terminals P651 BNC Plug Screw Terminals [R/A] P653 BNC Plug to RCA Plug 1.5M VC6 BNC Plug to Plug Lead 1.5M VC201 BNC Plug to Plug Lead 3.0M VC203 BNC Plug to Plug Lead 10M VC210 HD VIDEO ISOLATOR HD video isolator, to solve the HDCVI image interference caused by ground loops effectively • 75 ohm BNC Male to Female • Isolation Voltage: 800 Volts DC • Insulation Resistance: >100 M ohm •  42 x 23 x 16mm (40cm cable length) Code VSGLI SECURITY CAMERA CABLE Coax Video Cable 5x control leads Colour coded, Combined in one shielded cable. Suit camera runs & Door Intercoms. Grey jacket. 5 CORE + 75Ω COAX 5x 14AWG Wires Colour Coded Double Shielded AU Tin Foil 75 Ohm Coax Video IDEAL CAMERAS & INTERCOMS for connecting etc. Code SEC7505 Code SEC17505 SECURITY CAMERA CABLE RG59B/U 2 CORE + 75Ω COAX RG59 Coax Video Cable 2x Power lead Colour coded, Combined in one heavy-Duty cable. Suit camera runs & Door Intercoms. Black jacket. 6.0mm Code SEC101 Code SEC103 VIDEO COAX CABLE Length Code 100M RG59AU Length Code 100M RG59U Length Code 100M RG6PE Length Code 100M RG6Q100 100M REEL 305M REEL 100M REEL 305M REEL 75Ω RG59AU 6mm MULTI-STRAND CORE 75Ω RG59U 6mm SINGLE-CORE PE FOAM 75Ω RG6 6.8mm SINGLE-CORE PE DUAL-SHIELD 75Ω RG6 7.5mm SINGLE-CORE PE QUAD SHIELD SECURITY CABLE - ACA APPROVED Low voltage colour coded connection cable encased in a 0.5mm thick PVC jacket. 100Vdc/32Vac As used in security systems and telecommunications. 14x Strands 0.2mm=0.44mm². AS1125 AS/NZS3808 Austel Approved. Length Core Colour Code 100M 4 White SEC414WH-100 100M 4 Grey SEC414GY-100 100M 6 White SEC614WH-100 100M 6 Grey SEC614GY-100 100M 4 Brown SEC414BR-100 305M 4 Grey SEC414GY-305 305M 4 White SEC414WH-305 305M 4 Brown SEC414BR-305 100M 6 Brown SEC614BR-100 305M 6 Grey SEC614GY-305 305M 6 White SEC614WH-305 305M 6 Brown SEC614BR-305 SEE CABLE & CONNECTORS SECTION † † Security Connection Cables 05-68