WES Components Catalogue 2020

Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 Security & Surveillance Motion Sensor Lighting See Power & Lighting Section 08 SLIM OUTDOOR LED FLOODLIGHT WITH PIR MOTION SENSOR 240VAC IP65 IP65 FLOOD LIGHT WITH MOTION DETECT FUNCTION • IP65 weatherproof protection. • Ultra long life Epistar SMD5730 chipset. • PIR motion detection to switch on the light automatically. • Better energy efficiency compared to halogen lamps. • Diecast aluminium case with adjustable mounting bracket. • Safe to use for indoor or outdoor applications. • Wide coverage 120° beam angle. • 240Vac input voltage. (Includes 1M lead to AC Plug) Power Case Colour Colour Temp Lumens Beam Angle Size Code 10W Black Daylight 5000K 1000lm 120° 134x94x27mm LED2460-1050BK 20W Black Daylight 5000K 2000lm 120° 190x135x37mm LED2460-2050BK 30W Black Daylight 5000K 3000lm 120° 238x168x40mm LED2460-3050BK 50W Black Daylight 5000K 5000lm 120° 298x210x45mm LED2460-5050BK 100W Black Daylight 5000K 10000lm 120° 355x250x48mm LED2460-10050BK IR INVISIBLE SPOTLIGHT IP66 12V FOR CAMERAS REQUIRES 12V 1.5A/2.5A Heavy-duty aluminium enclosure IP66 weather proof sealed. ~60° Super Bright IR LEDs 8-14µ LED x114 Power 12V 16W Size 150x120x88mm Distance 80M Code IR9107 IR INVISIBLE SPOTLIGHT IP66 12V FOR CAMERAS High-performance invisible IR illuminator for all lighting conditions. 6x high power IR LED good IR distance. It is IP66 rated with tempered glass panel and aluminium die-casting housing, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Requires 12Vdc 1A • Automatic Night On switched • IP66 Metal with glass facia • 12Vdc 1A 1.2Kg -30°C~50°C • 181x72x131mm plus bracket Beam Angle Distance Code 30° 90m IR910-11-30 60° 50m IR910-11-60 120° 20m IR910-11-120 • Automatic Night On switched • IP66 Metal with glass facia • 12Vdc 2.5A 1.7Kg -30°C~50°C • 221x90x232mm plus bracket Beam Angle Distance Code 30° 170m IR910-28-30 60° 100m IR910-28-60 120° 50m IR910-28-120 IR IR LED LIGHTING - SEE SECTION 08 SECURITY LIGHTING AND OTHER LED SOLUTIONS An extensive range of outdoor weatherproof professional grade LED lighting solutions are available. Please see the Power & Lighting Section 08 † † Security Lighting LED SPOT LIGHT & MOTION SENSOR - IP65 DUAL LAMP Code LED321BK-346 Beam Angle Distance Code 30° 280M IR910-60-30 60° 150M IR910-60-60 120° 75M IR910-60-120 • Automatic Night On switched • IP66 Metal with glass facia • 12Vdc 5A 2.9Kg -30°C~50°C • 261x90x322mm plus bracket IR SPOTLIGHT 11W - WITH AUTO DAY/NIGHT SWITCH IR SPOTLIGHT 28W IR SPOTLIGHT 60W 20W-50W LED FLOOD LIGHT WITH SENSOR - IP65 The LFL-C Series combines energy saving LED flood lighting with customisable motion-sensing technology. Available in 20W, 30W and 50W models, this series is equipped with a 12m passive infrared sensor with lux sensitivity, motion responsiveness and interval time adjustment. The durable metal IP65 rated weather resistant chassis make them well suited for security lighting in both commercial and domestic applications. Watt Size Code 20W 182x150x52mm LFL-C20-CS 30W 230x195x65mm LFL-C30-CS 50W 230x195x65mm LFL-C50-CS Watchguard TM SINGLE LAMP Requires a qualified electrician to install A motion sensor will instantly react to intruders by turning lights on. It has daytime sensor and timer controls. IP65 rated to suit outdoors. LED spot light on a swivel and rotatable stand, Die-cast metal construction, 240Vac screw terminals (Requires electrician installation). “60” models are 6000K cool-white 11W. “346” models are 13W that can switch between 3000K, 4000K, 5000K and 6000K. Code LED319BK-60 LED319BK-346 6000K Switch Switch 05-66