WES Components Catalogue 2020

Web: www.wes.net.au Email: [email protected] Security & Surveillance STROBE Code STL5445 Code STL5435 FLUSH MOUNT PIEZO SIREN 1W BLUE Compact general purpose Suit alarms, etc. Under eve installation. Flush or surface bracket Weather proof design 12Vdc 150mA 1W Xenon High energy flash 1Hz. Size 35x75mm 15W AMBER High power Xenon flash Orange coloured alert 24Vdc 800mA 92x100mm Code KPE6122 INDOOR COMPACT PIEZO 45x40x60mm 105dB Black Warble tone 1.5K-3.5KHz Voltage Code 12Vdc KPE1200 24Vdc KPE2400 3½” OUTDOOR SIREN Compact 100x90mmØ 12Vdc with inbuilt siren driver. 115dB single tone. Fits KPE5462 Cover. Code KPE6126 WALL MOUNT Fits 55mm Mounting Hole 12Vdc 110dB Siren BATTERY / DC POWERED PIR ZONE ALARM Compact and easy to install. This Passive Infrared Detector is a totally self contained battery operated informant. Self-standing or wall mount. No-wiring, easy to install. Excellent temporary solution for welcoming STAND ALONE DOORWAY SENTRY Code MA002 DOORWAY ELECTRONIC EYE IR reflected beam across a doorway (up to 6 metres). Includes the separated alarm buzzer alert unit. Includes 9V power pack. Code DOOR5197 Code BUZ5188 OPTIONAL TRAFFIC COUNTER Add a 4 digit counter. ADDITIONAL BUZZER UNITS Add extra alert extensions 10M connection cord included. visitors with a Gentle chime or constant buzz for intruder detection & alert. Use as a door sentry in shops place in no-go areas at work or to protect children, etc. Requires power from a 9V battery or a from an optional power supply (e.g. SMP500-9P). WIRELESS Size Code 115x45x80mm DOOR5193 ELECTRONIC EYE - OUTDOOR BEAM SEND AND RECEIVE PAIR This 100m photoelectric detector uses 4 pulsed infrared beams that are designed to activate an alarm only when 4 beams are simultaneously blocked. The robust IP55 housing of the four photoelectric detectors is designed to provide reliable perimeter security both indoors and out. The transmitters emit invisible infrared beams to the receiver with changing frequencies to protect beams from disturbance. QTY Code Pair ALE-PIRB † † Door Sentry † † Siren and Strobe PIEZO INDOOR SIREN 85MMØ Repel an intruder from your home by installing this high frequency, super loud 115dB siren. 12Vdc 85Ø/90Øx40mm Code KPE6124 BUZZERS & SIRENS - MORE IN AUDIO SECTION 03 0.5W BLUE Code STL5450 DOOR CHIME - WIRELESS Battery operated portable so no wiring required. LED alert option for noisy environments. Secure coding to prevent interference. Requires 2x AAA batteries. Code WC8282 † † Door Bell 05-9