WES Components Catalogue 2020

Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 Data &Computer Transmitterunit Front PC DVI-D IN COAX IN COAX L/R L/R IN AUDIO DVI toCAT5 /TRANSMITTER DVI Cable Co-ax Cable L/R Cable Monitor / DVIDisplay ReceiverUnit Front DVI Cable Co-ax Cable L/R Cable AudioAmplifier DVI-D OUT COAX OUT L/R OUT CAT5 toDVI 100M /RECEIVER CR-22 † † DVI Booster Repeaters DVI REPEATER EXTENSION BOOSTER w/ EQ. 8dB Equalisation for compensating cable loss over extended runs up to around 20 Metres long. If put mid-way, you can achieve lengths of 40M. Not cascadeable due to eq. Reduce noise and Sparkles from HDTV picture quality UXGA 1080p max resolution. DDC & HDCP Pass-Thru. Includes 5V power pack or powered from cable. All DVI Female Sockets. Code CP269D HDCP DVI SPLITTERS FULL HD 165MHZ - CYPRESS CYPRESS DVI-D DISTRIBUTION It accepts DVI signal from a computer or video equipment and splits up to two, identical and buffered outputs. Each of the output can run up to 15 metres using standard DVI cable. It also supports a wide range of input resolution (25~165MHz) from VGA to UXGA. Can be cascaded up to 3 tiers. Type Code 2 Way CDVI-2S 4 Way CDVI-4S 8 Way CDVI-8S † † DVI Splitters DUAL-LINK DVI SPLITTERS 250MHZ - CYPRESS The Dual-Link DVI splitter allows a single DVI-D signal to be split into multiple DVI outputs. Supports video resolutions up to WQXGA with Dual-Link DVI or WUXGA with Single-Link DVI. Built-in adaptive equalizer provides long cable support. Intelligent individual control of hot plug detection. Output Code 2x DVI-DL CDVI-2DDS 4x DVI-DL CDVI-4DDS • Supports video resolutions up to WQXGA with Dual-Link DVI or WUXGA with Single-Link DVI • Built-in adaptive equalizer provides long cable support • Support EDID function • Individual control of hot plug detect HDBaseT PRODUCTS SEE SECTION 01 AV TV SAT INSTALL DVI SELECTOR SWITCH WITH REMOTE CONTROL “Signal Enhance” option for improved quality over longer cable runs. HDTV 1080i/p 60Hz Max. UXGA (1600x1200) Max. It is recommended you use SLAC cables for best picture results. Electric blue cabinet LED front display. DVI Female Sockets HDCP 1.1 Compliant Type Code 3 Way CDVI-31 4 Way CDVI-41 6 Way CDVI-61 8 Way CDVI-81 † † DVI Switch Box DVI 100M EXTENDER OVER TWIN CAT5 +AUDIO DIGITAL COAX & ANALOGUE STEREO 3.5mm Transmitter and receiver sold separate. Premium Taiwanese quality. DVI over CAT5 extends signals up to 100. Transfer Full-HD image quality but also analog/digital audio signal with coaxial and 3.5mm. DDC return cable the device can also support HDCP and CEC. Interface Input Output Max Res. Max. Code Transmitter DVI 2x CAT5 1080P/UXGA - CA-DVIAT Receiver 2x CAT5 DVI 1080P/UXGA 100M CA-DVI100R DVI OVER HDBaseT EXTENDER 1080P - CYPRESS EXTEND DVI UP TO 60M - SENDER RECEIVER SOLD SEPARATE Designed with HDBaseT technology for greater flexibility in custom installations with full DVI signal transfer over CAT5 cable up to 60M. Type Input Output Max Res. Code Transmitter 1x DVI 1x CAT5e/6/7 1080p CDVI-513TXL Receiver 1x CAT5e/6/7 1x DVI 1080p CDVI-513RXL New loss-less transfer technology for transmission of high resolution over distance DVI OVER HDBaseT EXTENDER 4K30 - CYPRESS UP TO 100M WITH 2xLAN / IR / RS-232 / ANALOGUE AUDIO The HDBaseT™ DVI over CAT5 up to 4K @ 30Hz with ethernet, IR and RS-232 up to 100 metres. Single power supply can power both units. Type Code Transmitter CDVI-1109TXC Receiver CDVI-1109RXC 04-172