WES Components Catalogue 2020

Web: www.wes.net.au Email: [email protected] Data &Computer CONNECT A PS2-KVM TO USB PC! PS2 USB ADAPTOR LEADS If your PC is USB, you can use these leads for connection between the KVM switch and the PC. Converts PS2 to USB In. With VGA Male Female. KVM: PS2 Male x2 PC: USB-B Plug x1 2xPS2USB & 1xHD15 MM Male to Male VGA Plugs Length Code 1.8M CL627 KVM EXPEDIENCY LEADS COMBINED INTERCONNECTS Simplify your wiring up layout with combo leads. Excellent quality for short distance solutions. Ideal for use with KVM. Black fully shielded leads. Colour coded easy ID Plugs. VGA HD15 Male to Female. Dual PS2 Male to Male. 2xPS2 MM & 1xHD15 MF KVM EXTENSION LEADS 2xPS2 MF & 1xHD15 MF Simplify your wiring up layout with combo leads. Ideal for use with KVM. Black fully shielded leads. Colour coded easy ID Plugs. VGA HD15 Male to Female. Dual PS2 Male to Female. † † KVM Cable HDMI & DVI CABLES [More Available] *0.5M does not have ferrite ferrules Description Length Code HDMI M-M *0.5M CL6900-05 HDMI M-M 1M CL6901 HDMI M-M 2M CL6902 HDMI M-M 3M CL6903 HDMI M-M 5M CL6905 DVI M-M 1M CL6601 DVI M-M 2M CL6602 DVI M-M 3M CL6603 DVI M-M 5M CL6605 DVI M-M 10M CL6610 DVI M-M 15M CL6615 HDMI-DVI 1M CL6801 HDMI-DVI 2M CL6802 HDMI-DVI 3M CL6803 HDMI-DVI 5M CL6805 HDMI-DVI 7.5M CL6807 HDMI-DVI 10M CL6810 HDMI-DVI 15M CL6815 Length Code 2M CL3402 5M CL3405 Code KVM-9006 KVM EXTENDER OVER CAT5 [150M] REMOTE CONSOLE ATEN CE700A is a USB & VGA KVM Extender with superior video quality that allows access to a computer system up to 150 metres away from a remote USB console (USB keyboard and USB mouse plus VGA Monitor) using a dedicated CAT5 cable (Not IP compatible). Code KVM103 VGA/USB EXTENDER OVER CAT5 [180M] • Extends up to 180M VGA and 2x USB. • Supports USB1.0/1.1 keyboards & mouse. • Supports USB boot protocol & hub. • VGA resolution up to 1600x1200. • Auto/Manual video quality adjustment. • Support 3 hot key to combine other equipment. • Kit supplied with Transmitter and receiver units • Includes 2 sets of KVM Leads • Includes 2x Power packs • Requires CAT5 Cable Code KVM104 KVM EXTENDER USB OVER CAT5 SENDER & RECEIVER UNITS - VGA & USB UPTO 150M KVM EXTENDER CAT5 [150M] CONNECT A REMOTE CONSOLE UP TO 150M AWAY VIA CAT5 Kit includes a Remote and a Local Unit, with leads. Local box also accepts a 2nd PS2 Mouse & keyboard and a VGA Monitor. Or, with the press of a button, you can use the remote monitor, mouse and keyboard to control the same computer. Easy wiring solution for protecting PCs from harsh environments, etc. Powerpacks & Leads Inc. Requires CAT5 cable to length. Code CE220 • A single Cat.5 or above UTP cable replaces bulky KVM cables • Locate Cat.5 console up to 150m away from the KVM switch with superior auto-adjust RGB signals capability • Switch local PC or remote PC by push button or hotkey commands • LED indicators for computer status or data transmission • Work with PS/2 or USB computer • Easy to install and use with plug-and play functionality Length Code 2M CL3602 † † KVM Extender CAT5 04-169