WES Components Catalogue 2020

Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 Data &Computer Length Code 2M CL640 Length Code 2M CL641 3M CL642 MALE TO MALE † † VGA MONITOR CABLE HD15M TO HD15M ECONOMY VERSION MONITOR EXTENSION CABLES HD15M TO HD15F MALE TO FEMALE Length Code 2M CL6302 5M CL6305 7.5M CL6307 10M CL6310 15M CL6315 20M CL6320 30M CL6330 40M CL6340 Economy Version VGA SPLITTER CABLE Direct splicing of the SVGA High density 15 pin Quality may be reduced due to signal loading. HD15M to 2x HD15F Length Code 150mm CA215 KVM EXTENSION CONNECTION HD15 M-F & 2x PS2 M-M Length Code 2M CL3402 5M CL3405 HD15 M-F & 2x PS2 M-F Length Code 2M CL3602 VGA LOW-LOSS INTERCONNECTS WITH AUDIO HD15D & 3.5mm MALE TO MALE Length Code 1M CL6201 2M CL6202 3M CL6203 5M CL6205 7.5M CL6207 10M CL6210 15M CL6215 20M CL6220 30M CL6230 15 PIN VGA MALE TO MALE STRAIGHT TO RIGHT ANGLE CONNECTOR High performance VGA cable. Dual noise filter. Length Code 1.8M CL4102 3M CL4103 5M CL4105 10M CL4110 Length Code 0.5M CL6400 0.5M** CL6399 1.0M CL6401 2.0M CL6402 3.0M CL6403 5.0M CL6405 7.5M CL6407 10M CL6410 15M CL6415 20M CL6420 30M CL6430 40M CL6440 HD15 RGBVH MONITOR CABLE [5x RCA] High density 15 pin to 5x RCA plugs. Separate RGB & HV Sync. Gold plated. Black cable. Colour coded plugs. Length Code 1.8M CL7202 3.0M CL7203 5.0M CL7205 MONITOR RGB/YUV LEAD [3x RCA] HD15M To 3x RCA Plugs Separated Video Signals for RGB or YUV Monitors & HDTV Colour coded Gold plated plugs High-Grade Wide- Bandwidth Black Cable Length Code 1.8M CL7102 3.0M CL7103 5.0M CL7105 DVI-A TO VGA ANALOG LEAD DVI-A TO VGA ADAPTOR CABLE DVI is compatible with VGA only if it is DVI-A (Analogue) compliant Check with your video card manual to ensure VGA compatibility. Length Code 1.8M CL6502 5M CL6505 SUN MICRO SYSTEMS MONITOR TO BNC 13W3P Male Plug (D25 size, 3x coax and 10x pins), 13W3P To 5x BNC Plugs , BNC RGBHV Length Code 2M CL648 VGA TO HDMI 1080p WITH AUDIO • Automatically detects and matches the native resolution of the connected display • Supports 1080p resolution • HDMI 1.3 compatible • Combines and converts VGA and audio signals to HDMI • Easy installation, Plug and Play Code CA416 CL3402 04-156