WES Components Catalogue 2020

Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 Data &Computer Suits Many Plug 1 USB Plug Plug 2 Mini-USB Length 1.0M 3.0M 5.0M 0.5M 2.0M Code CL960-1 CL960-3 CL960-5 CL960-05 CL960-2 More Mini-USB Available See previous pages... See Online Length Code 2.0M FW661MM 5.0M FW665MM IEEE-1394A LEAD 6-PIN 6P Male To 6P Male IEEE 1394 400Mbps I.Link VMCIL6615 Length Code 2.0M FW442MM 5.0M FW445MM IEEE-1394A LEAD 4-PIN 4P Male To 4P Male FireWire 400 Connector Not powered. IEEE 1394 IEEE-1394A ADAPTOR LEAD 4P Male To 6P Male Adapts FireWire 400 IEEE- 1394 400Mbps Length Code 2.0M FW642MM 5.0M FW645MM IEEE-1394B LEAD 9-PIN New! 9P Male To 9P Male FireWire 800 Connectors 1394a/b/c 800Mbps 9 Pin S800 is backward compatible Length Code 2.0M FW8302 5.0M FW8305 IEEE-1394B ADAPTOR LEAD New! 9P Male To 6P Male FireWire 800 Connectors 1394a/b/c 800Mbps 9 Pin to 400Mbps 6 Pin Plug Length Code 2.0M FW8202 5.0M FW8205 IEEE-1394A RETRACTABLE FIREWIRE CABLE ADAPTOR LEAD 6-PIN 6P Male to 6P Male Retractable 1.5M Cord Includes 2x Adaptors for 4P Male add-ons Excellent portable Code FW600 IEEE-1394A BOOSTER REPEATER INLINE 6-PIN 6 Pin to 6 Pin Sockets Full IEEE- 1394 400Mbps Self BUS Powered booster Allows Video/Data signals longer and more stable. Code FW601 IEEE-1394A PCI BOARD VideoStudio Software FireWire 6-Pin 400Mbps 1x Internal 2x External 1x Mini 4 Pin iLink Socket DV Capture & Edit with VideoStudio(8) included. Code FW65PCI † † Mini-USB Length Colour Code 0.5M Black CL960-05 1.0M Black CL960-1 1.2M White ADM85 2.0M Black CL960-2 3.0M Black CL960-3 5.0M Black CL960-5 USB TO MINI-USB CABLE USB MINI-4P TYPE “HIROSE” Length Code 1M USB2AM USB-A Male To Mini USB 5 Pin B Type Male † † Digital Camera Cables Suits connection to USB for media view, transfer and charging. DIGITAL CAMERA LEADS USB MINI-4P TYPE “B” Brand Mitsumi Length 3M Plug 2 Mini USB 4 pin Code CL966 MICRO USB MALE TO MINI USB FEMALE Length Code 100mm CA1009 USB TO MINI-USB CABLE WITH ANGLED PLUG USB2.0 adaptor cable USB-A male to Mini USB [5 pin] male With angled plug to keep the stress away from the port Length Code 50cm CL960L-050 † † Firewire 04-146