WES Components Catalogue 2020

Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 Data &Computer 04-106 † † Memory Cards SD SIZE ADAPTORS CONVERT TO “SD” Type Code Mini-SD SD150 Micro-SD SD151 Micro-SD To Mini-SD Code SD152 CF EXTREME 120Mbps VPG-20 Size Code 32Gb CF32GEX 64Gb CF64GEX 128Gb CF128GEX SONY MEMORY STICK PRO-Duo Size Code 4Gb DUO4096 8Gb DUO8192 16Gb DUO16GB SONY MEMORY STICK MICRO M2 Size Code 8Gb M2M8192 SONY SD ADAPTOR MICRO-SD TO PRO-DUO Use Micro-SD Memory in Sony PRO-Duo devices Type Code Single SD154 CF EXTREME PRO 160Mbps VPG-65 Micro-SD ULTRA U1 UHS-I CARD A1 GRADE Prices may change. Please check. Size Code 16Gb TFC16GBU 32Gb TFC32GBU 64Gb TFC64GBU 128Gb TFC128GBU 200Gb TFC200GBU 256Gb TFC256GBU Micro-SD EXTREME PRO Size Code 32Gb TFC32GBE 64Gb TFC64GBE 128Gb TFC128GBE 256Gb TFC256GBE 400Gb TFC400GBE 512Gb TFC512GBE SD ULTRA 80Mbps CLASS 10 UHS-I Size Code 16Gb SD16GU 32Gb USD32GB 64Gb SD64GBU 128Gb SD128GU SD EXTREME PRO 95Mbps UHS-I Size Code 32Gb SD32PRO 64Gb SD64PRO 128Gb SD128PRO 256Gb SD256PRO 512Gb SD512PRO 90Mbps UHS-I SD EXTREME Micro-SD EXTREME Size Code 32Gb TFCEM32GB 64Gb TFCEM64GB 256Gb TFCEM256GB 400Gb TFCEM400GB 1TB TFCEM1TB UP TO 100MB/s UHI-1 CLASS 3 CF ULTRA 50Mbps SPEED Size Code 16Gb CF16GBU SD XC-II EXTREME PRO-II 300Mbps UHS-II Class3 Size Code 32Gb CF32PRO 64Gb CF64PRO 128Gb CF128PRO 256Gb CF256PRO Size Code 16Gb SD16GBEX 32Gb SD32GBEX 64Gb SD64GBEX 128Gb SD128GBEX 100Mbps U3 V30 CLASS Size Code 32Gb SD32PRO-II 64Gb SD64PRO-II 128Gb SD128PROII Micro-SD HIGH ENDURANCE CLASS 10, U3, V304 Size Code 32Gb TFC32HE 64Gb TFC64HE 128Gb TFC128HE 256Gb TFC256HE New for dash cams and security cameras Reliable use in harsh & Hi-Temp conditions Class 10 for Full HD video (1080p) † † AV Storage & Media Prices may change. Please check.