WES Components Catalogue 2020

Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 Audio Speakers & PA 03-218 SB ACOUSTICS SPEAKER KITS - ARYA The Arya is a genuine SB-Acoustics developped kit floor standing 2½ way tower speaker. Arya means ‘not ordinary’ or ‘clever/smart person’ and we believe Arya is the clever choice if you want a very handsome ‘traditional’ floor standing speaker with high performance. The drivers for Arya are the SB17 MFC (mineral filled polypropylene cone) mid-woofers that give a tight/firm bass and a crisp midrange performance. With 2 x 6.5" you get ample quality bass in a room up to about 50m². The tweeter is the popular, renowned and patented SB29RDAC ring dome. It is a large dome of 29mm that it is ‘terminated’ on the top of the dome (ring dome) results in very low distortion with a very ‘silent/black’ background. Cabinets are fully assembled and available in a high gloss finish or a matte satin finish in black or white or an attractive genuine Rosewood veneer. Sold in pairs. Buy one to receive two cabinets. Requires crossovers and speakers to complete everything you need to assemble a beautiful sounding piece of furniture to give you years of fategue-free listening premium audio pleasure. • Optimised for the high quality drivers from SB Acoustics, the ring-dome and two mid-woofers • Diffraction optimized cabinet proportions 1076x195x310mm 18Kg available in six finishes • Premium quality 18mm cabinets with internal bracing to reduce & distribute cabinet vibrations • Dual vents and slanted internal bottom plate for reduction of standing wave resonances • Ordering cabinets includes the cloth speaker grilles and rear gold-plated speaker terminals • Bass-reflex dual mid-woofers tuned to 41Hz for an impressive and tight low end extension • Ring dome tweeter cross-overed at ~3KHz and extends up to 28KHz with smooth response • Efficiency of 87.5dB(2.83V/1m) up to 107dB max and will comfortably fill a room up to 50m² • Nominally 4 Ohm input, recommended 50W to 200Wrms amplifier • Ordering is done by a three stage process of choosing cabinets, crossovers, then speakers... CABINETS SOLD IN FINISHED PAIRS Pair of cabinets with speaker grilles and speaker terminals. Requires crossovers and speaker drivers. SB ACOUSTICS CROSSOVER - ARYA SOLD IN PAIRS The fully assembled crossovers are pre-wired and terminated with slide on quick connects for the drivers. No soldering is required. SB ACOUSTICS SPEAKERS - ARYA Arya kit requires four mid-woofers and two tweeters. 1.ORDER ONE CABINET TO RECEIVE A PAIR 2.ORDER ONE CROSSOVER TO RECEIVE A PAIR 3.KIT REQUIRES 4 WOOFERS AND 2 TWEETERS † † SBA Speaker Kits Speaker Kits developped by SB Acoustics. Cabinets are available fully assembled, then you just add the drivers and crossovers which are assembled and complete with wiring. Some items may have shipment delay from the overseas factory. Please contact us for scheduling. 1. Order one cabinet to receive a pair 2. Order one crossover to receive a pair 3. Kit requires woofers and tweeters Colour Sold As Code White Satin Pairs ARYA-WHSAT Black Satin Pairs ARYA-BKSAT White High Gloss Pairs ARYA-WHGL Black High Gloss Pairs ARYA-BKHGL Orange High Gloss Pairs ARYA-ORHGL Rosewood Pairs ARYA-RSWD Suits Sold As Code Arya 2.5 Way Pairs ARYA-XO Description Sold As Code 1¼" Ring Dome Single SB29RDAC-C000-4 6.5" PP Mid-Woofer Single SB17MFC35-8