WES Components Catalogue 2020

Web: www.wes.net.au Email: [email protected] Audio Speakers & PA 36mm thick front facia for extra strength to firmly secure drivers. Internal bracing has curved edging to reduce internal diffraction distortion. All internal surfaces are pre-lined with acoustic wadding. PVC tube port is flanged both internally and externally to reduce port turbulence and noise. Includes pre-assembled front facia grilles made from a single piece of machined MDF with rounded edges to reduce diffraction. Quality acoustically transparent cloth. Flush plastic clips installed. “...These unique speakers are among the very best kit speakers that money can buy. Two separate stereo pairs of loudspeakers are presented, KIT260 & KIT360. In addition, a centre channel variant of the KIT260, the 260C was designed to complement the KIT260 and KIT360 for high-end Home Theatre A/V systems or for a high performance stereo system. Alternatively, you may decide on a mix of the HD260 (front) and HD360 (rear) together with the HD260C for the centre front channel. Whichever approach you take, you can be sure that you will be getting a sensational speaker system. Make no mistake, these ribbon units are the finest tweeters we have ever heard. They are so clean in their definition and the pin-point localisation of instruments in a stereo spread has to be heard to be believed. On top of that, these speakers have very low distortion - measured at around 0.3% THD at 1kHz and 1 watt...” Leo Simpson. Silicon Chip. December 2007 www.siliconchip.com.au FULL CONSTRUCTIONAL WRITE-UP AND EDITORIAL REVIEW BY LEO SIMPSON: AS FEATURED IN SILICON CHIP Fundamental physics support the ribbon as a perfect type of transducer A thin light metal ribbon is suspended in a powerful magnetic field The signal current passes through the ribbon in the magnetic field The ribbon itself projects the sound faithfully and instantaneously The ribbon serves both as voice coil and diaphragm. Every part of the ribbon is driven directly and simultaneously without any energy storage. No sound colouring at all in its usable frequency range up to 100KHz Output voice therefore always perfectly replicates the input signal Maximum speed of response. Start and stop is instantaneous Maintains the leading edge of musical sounds and their harmonics Extremely low inter-modulation and harmonic distortion due to low mass Capable of the highest efficiency known in direct radiator transducers www.fountek.com.au FOUNTEK RIBBON TRANSDUCERS SPECIFICATIONS FOR KIT360 Frequency Range 43Hz-40kHz (On Axis) Efficiency (Averaged) 87.5dB SPL (1M/2.83Vrms) Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms (6.1 ohms Rdc) Recommended power 5 to 120W Unclipped program material Harmonic Distortion THD 0.3% @ 1 Watt (2.83Vrms) 1kHz Relative Phase Coherence ±30° 400Hz to 10kHz Crossover Network No Soldering required. Fully finished. Ready to go. Internal Wiring High Quality OFC 384 Strand Low-Capacitance Quick-Install Push-On connections Speaker terminals 4mm Dual gold plated binding posts (x4) For single or Bi-Wire/amplifier connections Crossover Filter 2-Way Off-Set Bessel/Butterworth Linear-Phase Crossover Frequency 3.2kHz Crossover Low Pass 2nd Order 12dB/Octave Low Pass Crossover High Pass 3rd Order 18dB/Octave High Pass Mid-Bass Peerless 830883 Woofer 6.5” Nomex Cone Cast with Centre Phase Plug Tweeter Fountek JP3.0 Ribbon Dimensions 445x205x*345mm (*360mm w/ grill) Weight 12Kg each. Description Code 6.5" Ribbon Kit Plain MDF KIT360MDF 6.5" Ribbon Kit Black Vinyl KIT360BV Includes cabinets, all drivers, all hardware & assembled crossovers. Traditional design 2-Way utilising the superb JP3.0 bandwidth matched with Peerless “Exclusive Range” of audiophile drivers. Complete Kits supplied in pairs for premium HiFi Stereo systems. KIT360 STEREO PAIR 6.5" KIT KIT AVAILABLE WITHOUT CABINETS Includes the four drivers & both assembled crossovers Description Code Speakers & crossovers. No Box. SPK360 † † Signature Series www.fountek.com.au Includes full-face speaker grilles. Cabinets are supplied in bare MDF (requires painting) or veneer. PAIR PAIR EACH PAIR CABINET ONLY Precision cut 18mm MDF hand assembled into premium cabinets with pre-assembled full facia cloth grilles. Description Code Cabinet Only Bare MDF single CAB360MDF Cabinet Only Black Vinyl single CAB360BV 03-217