WES Components Catalogue 2020

Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 Audio Speakers & PA USING THE FOUNTEK JP3.0 RIBBON SUPER TWEETERS SIGNATURE SERIES RIBBON LOUDSPEAKER KITS FEATURES FOR SPEAKER KITS WITH RIBBONS High quality Australian made enclosures supplied fully assembled Pre-drilled screw holes. Port installed, internal edges chambered Made from 18mm MDF with double thickness 36mm for the front panel Internally braced for excellent rigidity reducing cabinet resonance Available in bare MDF for painting, etc. Or in Black Vinyl veneer Kit also includes attractive front cloth-grille on frames assembled LMS developed crossover is assembled with premium grade components Linkwitz & Riley with Bessel-Butterworth response for linear phase Air-core copper inductors and non-inductive resistors are used SCR 400V metalised polypropylene capacitors manufactured in France 4mm Gold-plated binding posts can be wired singular or Bi-wired Low capacitance OFC Cable with no-soldering speaker connectors Professional development time as produced a solution that offers Very low distortion, linear sound and very accurate phase response SPECIFICATIONS FOR KIT260 Frequency Range 44Hz-40kHz (On Axis) Efficiency (Averaged) 92.5dB SPL (1M/2.83Vrms) Nominal Impedance 4 Ohms Recommended power 5 to 120W Unclipped program material Harmonic Distortion THD 0.3% @ 1 Watt (2.83Vrms) 1kHz Relative Phase Coherence ±30° 400Hz to 10kHz Crossover Network No Soldering required. Finished ready to go. Internal Wiring High Quality OFC 384 Strand Low-Capacitance Quick-Install Push-On connections Speaker terminals 4mm Dual gold plated binding posts (x4) For single or Bi-Wire/amplifier connections Crossover Filter 2-Way Off-Set Bessel/Butterworth Linear-Phase Crossover Frequency 3.8kHz Crossover Low Pass 2nd Order 12dB/Octave Low Pass Crossover High Pass 3rd Order 18dB/Octave High Pass Mid-Bass Peerless 832873 Woofer 5” Nomex Cone Cast Alloy Frame with inverted dust cap Tweeter Fountek JP3.0 Ribbon Dimensions 555x180x*365mm (*380mm w/ grille) Weight 15Kg each. † † Ribbon Speaker Kits Designed by Russell Storey of Stones Sound Studio These new kit speakers use the very-high-performance audiophile grade Fountek JP3.0 Ribbon Tweeters with the latest in Peerless Mid-woofers. After the success of our Peerless HDS Series of audiophile monitor kits, Customers have been requesting them adapted to suit the our new range of ribbon tweeters for unsurpassed fidelity & transient response up to 40KHz Kits are now supplied with assembled crossovers, so no-soldering required! In development for over 12 months, we are proud to present our new kits: For more information, please see the Signature Series Home Site: www.fountek.com.au KIT260 STEREO PAIR COMPLETE KIT D’Appolito MTM design offers a very high 92.5dB efficiency with pin-point imaging for a beautifully accurate sound stage. Complete Kits supplied in pairs for the stereo front channel. Includes fully assembled cabinets, grilles, drivers, all hardware & assembled crossovers. Sold in stereo pairs. Description Code 5" MTM Ribbon Kit Plain MDF KIT260MDF 5" MTM Ribbon Kit Black Vinyl KIT260BV KIT AVAILABLE WITHOUT CABINETS Includes the SIX drivers & both Assembled crossovers Description Code Speakers & crossovers. No Box. SPK260 KIT260C SINGLE CENTRE CHANNEL COMPLETE KIT Designed for use as a Home Theatre Centre Channel Single Unit To match acoustically & aesthetically with the KIT260 Speakers. Description Code 5” MTM Ribbon Kit Plain MDF KIT260CMDF 5” MTM Ribbon Kit Black Vinyl KIT260CBV KIT ALSO AVAILABLE WITHOUT CABINETS Includes the THREE drivers & Assembled crossovers Description Code Speakers & crossovers. No Box. SPK260C Cabinets are supplied in bare MDF and will require paint or veneer. Also available already finished in black vinyl. Sold in pairs for stereo. www.fountek.com.au Includes full-face speaker grilles. Cabinets are supplied in bare MDF (requires painting) or veneer. PAIR PAIR PAIR EACH EACH 03-216