WES Components Catalogue 2020

Web: www.wes.net.au Email: [email protected] Audio Speakers & PA EACH EACH EACH EACH A FLAGSHIP MONITOR OF OUTSTANDING PRESENCE These floor-standing speakers are designed for “Monitor” grade stereo reproduction as well as top-of-the-line home theatre main speakers in a modern Digital THX surround sound system. The use of the Peerless HDS series of high definition phase-plug drive units matched with bespoke crossovers to a high-end tweeter from Peerless. Packaged in an innovative and exclusive design professionally developed to create a sound that is clean and clear with uncompromising acoustics dynamic range and frequency bandwidth to accurately reproduce any of today’s high definition digital sources. The countersunk tweeter in the coaxial location between the mid-woofers achieves physical acoustic time alignment between drivers. This corrects the sound source location to one single point, like focusing a lens, to achieve an incredible level of clarity and accuracy to the sound stage bringing the audio into clear focus. Instruments are localised and positioned, close your eyes and they are there! Sound effects take on a new reality when positioned correctly in space. Now the full impact and emotion of Movies and Music can enthral the listener. An impressively high efficiency of 92dB at 1W/M means you don’t need big amplification for full dynamic sound. Along with the well behaved impedance curve means the HDS455s are quite suitable for the low power of class-A or vacuum tube amplifiers. The tall handsome cabinets are precision computer tooled from MDF locally and are available in real Australian hard-wood Jarah wood veneer. A wide base tapered plinth is included, spiked feet are optional extras. There is the facility for sand filling in a lower cavity for additional stability and extra resonance damping. Peerless offer highly articulate dynamics in their driver designs, matched with a unique cabinet layout and a premium components in a professionally developed crossover, welcome to a new level of accuracy in sound offered at an excellent price in kit form. HDS455 KIT - TIME ALIGNED COAXIAL MONITOR 6½" TOWER SPEAKER - SINGLE COMPLETE KIT - SOLD SINGULARLY Colour Type Code Jarrah Veneer CAB455JA CABINET ONLY - SOLD SINGULARLY x2 Required For Stereo PARTS INCLUDED Description Code Feet Spikes 20mm SPIKE20 Feet Spikes 35mm SPIKE35 Improves speaker performance. BASE SPIKES Finish built cabinet, lined with internal wadding, assembled complete cloth grilles. Packaged for secure transporting. Colour Type Code Jarrah Veneer KIT455JA Description Code Screws, Bag of 20 AS420-20 Crossover Suit HDS455 Kit XON455-V2 Peerless 1” Dome Tweeter 810921 Peerless 6½" Mid-Woofer HDS-EX 830883 Includes 1 box and all components required Save over $100 each when purchased as a kit • Frequency Response 38Hz to 25KHz • Size H1150 x W210 x D365mm 25Kg +Sand • Recommended amplifier 10W to 150Wrms • Impedance 4 ohm Nominal • Highly efficient 92dB Sensitivity • Floor standing with wide plinth base • Optional 20Kg sand cavity in tower • Ultra dynamic range & low distortion • Counter-sunk time-alignment tweeter • Coaxial MTM centre focus design • Suit medium to large rooms 20 Hz 50 100 200 500 1K 2K 5K 10K 20K 30K dBSPL 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 SPL vs Freq STONES SOUND STUDIO 455-V2 OFF-AXIS x2 03-215