WES Components Catalogue 2020

Audio Speakers & PA Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 Announcing: Upto 8 Zones Advanced DSP & Custom Setup Select Source & Control Volume Wireless Tablet Operator Control † † Bosch PA Plena Matrix PLENA MATRIX DIGITAL PA SOUND SYSTEM HIGH PERFORMANCE DSP WITH ADVANCED DIGITAL CONTROL OPTIONS The PLENA matrix system combines superior audio performance and product quality in an easy to install and use package. Ideal for recorded or live music and speech distribution, PLENA matrix will produce outstanding sound in small to medium applications requiring up to 8 zones. • Complete DSP 8-zone matrix mixer and loudspeaker processor featuring powerful control • 4 microphone/line inputs, call station input, 3x RCA music inputs and up to 8 mixed outputs • 4-channel power amplifiers (4Ω/8Ω/70V/100V output) with DSP processing and input mixing • Standby mode engaged manually, or automatically with motion sensors in each zone • Wall Control Panels or Control via Windows® PC GUI or Apple® iOS® iPhone/iPads • 8-zone call station with capacitive touch buttons and programmable zone selection • Premium Bosch high performance standard backed up by their Three year warranty INTELLIGENT FEATURES & SUPERB PERFORMANCE Bosch audio performance is premium and control is smart-phone simple, PA is now in the digital age of convenience with DSP and touch control. ADVANCED DIGITAL CONTROL Taking advantage of the latest in GUI control of Digital Signal Processing makes advanced intricate control easy for even the novice. 3 Levels of operator are available. From simple venue employee to manager to advanced system with full DSP adjustments. Modern interfaces make operation intuitive and a joy to use. • Wall Control Panels enable input source and volume control within each zone. • Call Stations provide paging capability to up to 8 zones with optional ducking. • PC GUI provides extensive controls for audio professionals and system admins with password protected access. Modern software is highly graphical and easy to use. • iOS ® App for iPhone ® and iPad ® allows wireless control of input source and acoustic variables over multiple zones. Up to 8 users simultaneously can have portable access. SIMPLER INSTALLATION WITH MODERN SOLUTIONS Utilising CAT5 cabling dramatically reducing cable runs and installation time while simplify wiring chaos making setup and trouble shooting intuitive. Bosch recommend using CAT5e-SFTP Shielded Patch cables. • Amp Link CAT5e connections link the DSP mixer with the amplifiers. 4CH per CAT5-SFTP Digital streaming up to 500 metres. • Call Station CAT5 connection can be Daisy-chained to expand to further call stations, audio, control and powered over a single CAT5. • RS485 CAT5 connection to Wall Controllers. Daisy-chain to expand to up to 16 wall controllers, all powered over CAT5. • Ethernet CAT5 to up to 5x PC Control and/or a wireless hub for WiFi control by up to 8 iPad ® /iPhone ® Apps for hand-held touch control. • Multiple systems CAT5 Ethernet hub can connect further PLM-8M8 Matrix Mixers for easy central control of complex installations. SAVE ON RUNNING COSTS FOR A LOWER TCO Class D Amplifiers are the most efficient form of amplification saving on long term power use. Amplifiers automatically drop into low power consumption mode when zones are not used. With the aid of optional PIR motion detectors, zones can automatically switch on and off. Reduce running costs and extending product life without depending on venue staff. • 8-Zone DSP Matrix Mixer delivers a full-featured DSP zone matrix with 4 microphone/line, 3 music source, call station and emergency inputs, all output via parametric EQ to 8 zones. • 4-Channel DSP Power Amplifiers (125 or 220 W/channel models) Class D power amplifier, 100 V/70 V/8 Ω/4 Ω outputs. Built-in DSP with input mixing controls via iOS app or PC GUI. 8-band parametric EQ for each zone. • Call Station with up to 8 Zones for paging. • Wall Control Panels for simple volume and source select • Ethernet for integration of computer and tablet devices for access to advanced signal administration and DSP audio control. CAT5 Cable Description Code DSP Matrix mixer PLM-8M8 4 x 125 watt DSP Amplifier PLM-4P125 4 x 220 watt DSP Amplifier PLM-4P220 8 Zone call station PLM-8CS Wall control Panel PLM-WCP 03-74