WES Components Catalogue 2020

Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 AV TV SAT Install † † AV Splitters COMPONENT VIDEO & AUDIO X4 SPLITTER - CYPRESS HDTV DISTRIBUTOR UP TO 1080P/UXGA CHDD-3C is capable of distributing video in 3 different formats and are ideal for use in any analogue video entertainment distribution system. • Component, Composite or RGB video distribution amplifier. • SD video (Composite, YCbCr) and HDTV(YPbPr, RGsB) Input signal. • Accepts one component input and split the input to 3 identical and buffered outputs via RCA connectors. • When input is composite video, it can connect up to 3 different video sources and output 3/8 identical and buffered signal for each video input. • It can be used for presentation and home theatre application. • High bandwidth performance-480MHZ bandwidth at-3dB. • Worldwide power supply. † † Component Splitters Input Output Max Res. Code 1×Component Video 3×Component Video UXGA/1080p CHDD-3C S-VIDEO & AUDIO X4 SPLITTER INPUT S-Video (Y/C) +Stereo Audio (L&R RCA) OUTPUT is same x4 Buffered for full bandwidth Connection indicators Includes power pack. Code SB3716 COMPOSITE VIDEO & AUDIO X4 SPLITTER INPUT 1X Composite Video (RCA) 1Vpp 75Ω PAL/NTSC/etc. Stereo Audio (L&R RCA) OUTPUT 4X Composite (RCA) 1Vpp 75Ω Buffered 4X Stereo (L&R) SPECIFICATIONS Video 10MHz Bandwidth 40 x 125 x 96mm Includes a 3xRCA Lead Includes 12Vdc 500mA Full metal enclosure. Professional. Reliable Code SB3714 VGA SPLITTER 300MHz SMARTVIEW Maintains optimum signal quantity. Extends runs up to 65M Wide bandwidth 300MHz Supports DDC2B XGA, 1920x1440 60Hz Male to Female HD15 Includes power pack. Requires cables ONE INPUT TO MULTI OUT Split Code 2 Way SMV1102 4 Way SMV1104 8 Way SMV1108 16 Way SMV1116 Split Code 2 Way SMV1202 4 Way SMV1204 VGA SPLITTER 400MHz - WITH AUDIO SMARTVIEW ONE INPUT TO MULTI OUT With 3.5mm Stereo Audio. Premium grade SmartView for optimum VGA quality. Extends runs up to 65M Wide bandwidth 400MHz UXGA, 2048x1536 60Hz Male to Female HD15 + 3.5mm Socket to Socket † † VGA Splitters 01-18