WES Components Catalogue 2020

Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 Cables &Connectors BNC SOCKET D-SHELL [XLR] BNC TO BNC Satin Nickel finish Silver contact plating Colour Code Silver AC-BNC-JJ-75 Black AC-BNC-JJ-75B RCA SOCKET D-SHELL [XLR] Colour Code Red ACJD-RED Black ACJD-BLK Yellow ACJD-YEL White ACJD-WHT Blue ACJD-BLU Green ACJD-GRN † † XLR Amphenol † † XLR Misc 3 PIN XLR WALLPLATE - STEEL Screw terminals. Stainless steel. 3 Pin Female. Code PA0442 3 PIN XLR WALLPLATE - DUAL Screw terminals. Stainless steel. 3 Pin Female x2 Code PA0447 5 PIN XLR WALLPLATE - PLASTIC Screw terminals. White plastic. Female. 5 Pin XLR Type Code 5 Pin PA0456A 3 PIN XLR DESKTOP BASE Screw down on table top. 100mm. Rubber insulated reducing knocking noises. 3 Pin XLR socket for goose necks, etc. Dia. Code ~100mm PA482 3 PIN XLR FEMALE TO RCA SOCKET XLR Female to RCA Female Code AD977 Daichi Brand. ¼" STEREO TO XLR 3-pole XLR male - stereo 1/4" plug (Tip, Ring, Sleeve contact) Code NA3MP Amphenol Amphenol daichi daichi † † XLR Adaptors Misc XLR WALL PLATE STAINLESS STEEL Stainless steel pre-punched wall plate suits XLR sockets. Size 71x115mm. Hole diameter 24mm. Suits Neutrik type and some Amphenol. Type Code Single XLRP1 Double XLRP2 1RU 12x XLR SOCKET UNEQUIPPED 19” RACK XLR CONNECTORS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY Pre-punched with 12 empty slots to suit XLR panel mount connectors. There are 4 mounting holes available for easy installation. Suits standard 19" rack cabinets. 1RU. Code CMR314 XLR FEMALE TO RCA PLUG XLR Female to RCA male adaptor Metal chassis. Code AD978 BLANKING PLATE Black plastic Code NU-DBA-BL 3 PIN XLR WALLPLATE - PLASTIC Screw terminals. White plastic. Female. 3 Pin XLR Type Code 3 Pin PA446 02-68