WES Components Catalogue 2020

Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 Cables &Connectors & MAINS 240VAC 7A 2-CORE CABLE † † Double Insulated - 600V 18AWG DOUBLE INSULATED 600V 7.5A 24/0.20 TWIN CORE General purpose double PVC insulated figure-8 cable suitable for speakers, security systems, fire system and other low voltage applications. Separate conductors with non-bonded sheath. Red & White coloured cores provides easy identification to avoid polarity-reversals during installation. Each conductor has 24 strands of 0.20mm diameter copper wire giving an overall conductor-size of 0.75mm² (18AWG). Available in many colours. Supplied on 100, 200, and 300 Metre strong polypropylene reels. Size: 2 by 24 strands of 0.20mm Voltage Rating: 600V AC Current Rating: 7.5 Amps Jacket: 6 x 3.5mm Conductor Area: 0.75mm² Conductor Gauge: ~18AWG Temperature Rating: 75°C Colour Length Code Black 100M CAB2421BK Black 200M CAB2422BK Black 300M CAB2423BK Black 500M CAB2425BK Brown 100M CAB2421BR Brown 200M CAB2422BR Brown 300M CAB2423BR Brown 500M CAB2425BR 17AWG DOUBLE INSULATED 600V 10A 32/0.20 TWIN CORE Specification Size: 2 by 32 strands of 0.20mm Voltage rating: 600V AC Current rating: 10 Amps Jacket: 6.8 x 4mm Conductor area: 1mm2 Conductor gauge: ≈17AWG Temperature rating: 75°C 7/0.50 TWIN CORE Specification Size: 2 by 7 Strands of 0.5mm Voltage rating: 600V AC Current rating: 14 Amps Jacket: 9.4 x 5mm Conductor area: 1.4mm2 Conductor gauge: ≈15AWG Temperature rating: 75°C 15AWG DOUBLE INSULATED 600V 14A Colour Length Code Grey 100M CAB2421GY Grey 200M CAB2422GY Grey 300M CAB2423GY Grey 500M CAB2425GY Red 100M CAB2421RD Red 200M CAB2422RD Red 300M CAB2423RD Red 500M CAB2425RD Colour Length Code White 100M CAB2421WH White 200M CAB2422WH White 300M CAB2423WH White 500M CAB2425WH Yellow 100M CAB2421YL Yellow 200M CAB2422YL Yellow 300M CAB2423YL Yellow 500M CAB2425YL Length Colour Code 300M Red CAB3223RD 500M Red CAB3225RD 300M White CAB3223WH 500M White CAB3225WH Length Colour Code 300M Red CAB7053RD 500M Red CAB7055RD 300M White CAB7053WH 500M White CAB7055WH † † AC Mains Cable - Approved Typical Mains Cord, Extra Flexible type. 3 Core Multi-strand Flex. 10A cable. Double Insulated. Supplied on 100M Reels. Save money with ProLink. Length 100M 100M O/D 6.8mmØ 6.8mmØ Colour Grey Black Amps 10A 10A Nom. Area 1.0mm² 1.0mm² Code PWC3-10G PWC3-10B Mains Twin Lamp Cord. Flat, in white or black. 2 Core Multi-strand Flex. 7A cable. Double Insulated. Supplied on 100M Reels. Length 100M 100M O/D 3.6x5.5mm 3.6x5.5mm Colour Black White Amps 7.5A 7.5A Nom. Area 0.75mm² 0.75mm² Code PWC2-10B PWC2-10W MAINS 240VAC 10A 3-CORE CABLE 02-44