WES Components Catalogue 2020

Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 Cables &Connectors EXTREME-POWER OFC INTERCONNECT 2AWG Pure Oxygen-Free Copper Power Interconnect. Incredible current limits beyond measurement. Automotive grade red tinted outer jacket. For shorter lengths see our installation kits. Supplied on 30 Metre reels. HIGH-POWER OFC INTERCONNECT 4AWG / 8AWG High Grade Flexible 99.95% OFC SoundLink in Red or Black. 50 Metre reels (BSX is 30M). 4AWG 180A 5.2mmØ Jacket 10mmØ Heavy Duty Jacket. 30 Metres. Colour AWG Length Code Black Clear 4AWG 30M BSX430B Red Clear 4AWG 30M BSX430R Black Solid 4AWG 50M APC1041 8AWG 92A 3.3mmØ Jacket 7mmØ Transparent Jacket. 50 Metres. Colour AWG Length Code Red 8AWG 50M APC1280 Black 8AWG 50M APC1281 LOW-POWER INTERCONNECT 20AWG Single multi-strand small gauge cable with 1.8mm O/D colour coded jacket for low power accessories, trigger, etc. 20 AWG ACCESSORIES CABLE 100M Colour AWG Length Code Red 20 100M AP916R Black 20 100M AP916BK Green 20 100M AP916GR Yellow 20 100M AP916Y Blue 20 100M AP916BL Orange 20 100M AP916OR 16 AWG ACCESSORIES CABLE 100M Colour AWG Length Code Orange 16 100M MX16100 22 AWG CLOTH COVERED WIRE 600V 105°C VINTAGE SOLID CORE SINGLE CORD REEL 15 METRES Authentic wire for restoration work and high temperature applications. Double woven cloth jacket, wax coated, with Celanese inner braiding. Real Deal. From the same manufacturer that supplies Fender, etc. HIGH-TEMPERATURE CLOTH WAXED 2AWG 6.5mmØ + Jacket Colour AWG Length Code Black 2AWG 30M BSX230B Supplied 100M Reels. † † Automotive Low Voltage Cable AWG Colour Length Code 22AWG Black 15M PBW50BK 22AWG Blue 15M PBW50BU 22AWG Brown 15M PBW50BN 22AWG Red 15M PBW50RD 22AWG White 15M PBW50WH 22AWG Yellow 15M PBW50YL 18AWG Green 6M PBW20GN 18AWG HOOK UP CABLE - HIGH TEMP 90°C 24 strand, 18AWG heavy duty tinned copper wire with a PVC insulator suitable for indoor general purpose wiring. Colour Length Code Red 100M CAB2420RD Black 100M CAB2420BK 13AWG TINNED HEAVY DUTY HOOK UP CABLE 50 strand, 13AWG Heavy duty, high current tinned copper wire with a high temperature rated PVC insulator. Designed for applications where high temperatures may be encountered. Colour Length Code Red 100m CAB5025RD • Size: 1 x 50/0.25 • Voltage Rating: 300V AC • Current Rating: 22 Amps • Outside Diameter: 3.9mm • Conductor Area: 2.45mm • Conductor Gauge: 13AWG • Temperature Rating: 105°C • Roll Size: 100m • Size: 1 x 24/0.20 • Voltage Rating: 300V AC • Current Rating: 7.5 Amps • Outside Diameter: 2.25mm • Conductor Area: 0.75mm² • Conductor Gauge: 18AWG • Temperature Rating: 90°C • Roll Length: 100m 02-40