WES Components Catalogue 2020

Service &Repair Web: www.wes.net.au Email: [email protected] 8 Pins including focus. CRT SOCKET 8 PIN 10 Pins including focus. CRT SOCKET 10 PIN Code CRT25 Code CRT12 Suit HR-52 4136 COD-008 Length 50cm. Code HV1663 As used in many Asian TVs and HR-Diemens LOPTs. Solid core tip for snap-fit or soldering. SOLDER WIRE HV LEAD GENERAL PURPOSE Code TRP4006 BG1895-641-444/LK/etc. TVK76, 13-2057, etc. Lead 900mm Replacement type. DAICHI PHILIPS/ERO EHT TRIPLER † † Triplers PHILIPS PYE KRIESLER Original part # Code HR2176 EHT50 COMMODORE EHT LOPT 1084SP1-AU HR7533 FTR7533 COMMODORE 1084SP1-AU, Code EHT7533 ARCADE - HANTAREX POLO EHT LOPT 28020280 HANTAREX POLO 1/2/28, 25" to 28" 15K/24K Code EHT7375 PHILIPS CM 12 CGA & AT2079-37591, 4822-140-10381 SECURITY TAMPER LABELS Place over screws and seals to prevent tampering. Suit repair shops, etc. Special type sticker that will not peel off in one go. Convenient dispenser box. Type QTY Code Roll 500 pcs WL500 Code HT4944 Measures the High Voltage circuits of TV tubes and magnetrons in microwave ovens. Essential for repair. Extra safe protection 1GΩ. 40KVp-p. ±2% HIGH-VOLTAGE PROBE † † Repair Assistance & Tools Current Code 2 AMP TDB240-500 For safety’s sake and to enable the use of instruments such as a CRO, etc. ISOLATION TRANSFORMER See Section POWER 240Vac VARIAC - VARIABLE AC TRANSFORMER SEE TOOL SECTION FOR MORE TEST EQUIPMENT Technicians Repair/Service Instrument. 240Vac Mains Plug Input with variable 0Vac to 260Vac output. Mechanically adjustable by an Auto-Transformer (No isolation). Code MP3080 11-43