WES Components Catalogue 2020

Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 Service &Repair Size 80x95x100mm Watt 850W Freq. 2458MHz FV 3.15V PAV 4000V PAI 300mA Equiv. A670-IH, 2M224(62), 2M172AH/DW/P/HB, RVMZA047WREO, 2M219HB, 2M107A-33/94, OM75-020,S107HB OEM AWI Code AM707 Size 80x95x100mm Watt 850W Equiv. A670FOH-CK, 2M210M1, NN8509 OEM AWI Code MAG703 MAGNETRON ALL-INLINE 850W 80mm 35mm 95mm 100mm 115mm 80mm 35mm 80mm 115mm Size 80x95x100mm Watt 1000W Freq. 2458MHz FV 3.3V PAV 4000V PAI 300mA Equiv. A670-IH, 2M107A(94), 2M247H(B), OM75(020), S107HB OEM AWI Code AM724 Size 80x80x100mm Watt 950W Freq. 2460MHz FV 3.3V 12A PAV 4500V PAI 350mA Original Part No 2M214, 2M218/H, 2M238, MS194W, 4150021502, 6324W1A003C Brand LG Equiv. Daewoo, Sanyo... Code AM742 MAGNETRON ALL-INLINE 850W MAGNETRON ALL-INLINE 850W 80mm 35mm 95mm 95mm 115mm MAGNETRON ALL-INLINE 1KW 80mm 35mm 95mm 100mm 95mm Size 80x95x100mm Watt 1000 (1KW) Freq. 2460MHz FV 3.15V PAV 4350V PAI 330mA Original Part No 2M248H, 2M248H-B, 6324W1A001N, 6324W1A001K Code MAG2481 MAGNETRON ALL-INLINE 1KW Tags are inline with the air vent & power socket. Referred to as All-In-Line. A higher wattage unit can be used safely in a Lower power oven. Brands supplied may change. Diagrams may differ slightly. Caution is advised with lethal voltages. See MAN-MICRO for instructions. 80mm 35mm 80mm 100mm 95mm 80mm 35mm 95mm 95mm 115mm † † Microwave Parts † † Magnetrons MICROWAVE OVEN MAGNETRONS Magnetrons must be fitted by qualified persons. HIGH VOLTAGE NOT-IN-LINE IN-LINE AWI TAGS NOT INLINE SOCKET INLINE 850W Size 80x95x100mm Watt 850W Freq. 2458MHz FV 3.15V PAV 4000V PAI 300mA Equiv. Daewoo & Sanyo OEM AWI Code AM709 35mm 114mm 95mm 100mm 115mm MAGNETRON ALL-INLINE 850W Size 80x80x100M Watt 850W Equiv. Sharp FV 3.3V PAV 4000V PAI 300mA Original Part No A650-IH, 2M207-03, 2M218H(H) Code AM718 These quality magnetrons will serve as replacements in a majority of ovens from many different manufacturers. Manufacturer brand names stipulated on the label may change from listing. Due to global supply sources may change labelling and/or manufacturer of some listed magnetrons. Units of better or equivalent specifications will be supplied if certain brands become unavailable. Use branding as a guide only. CHOOSING YOUR MAGNETRON The important points to observe are: (A) Is it an “Inverter” type magnetron See page 10-06 for Panasonic... (B) Will it physically fit in place. Size & Mounting manner similar. Note: Air flow in relation to the power socket and the tags. (C) Do the tags have bolts or not. The bolts can be removed if necessary. (D) After determining the physically same unit, you may find more than one similar to your magnetron, then: (E) Compare the P/No listed with each. If missing or not listed, don’t fret! Just use the most similar magnetron fitting the criteria listed above. (F) Then pick your wattage... WATTAGE Wattage output is determined by the oven’s internal circuitry such as the transformer voltages, capacitor values, etc, not necessarily just the magnetron. A Higher Wattage Magnetron Can Be Used In A Lower Wattage Oven Safely. 11-28