WES Components Catalogue 2020

Web: www.wes.net.au Email: [email protected] Service &Repair 11-11 † † Adaptors and Converters † † Media Storage Cases CD SLEEVES PAPER ENVELOPE QTY Code 50pcs CDSPP100 PVC SLEEVE QTY Code 100pcs CDS100 CD PLAYER CARRY CASE Polyurethane Leather. Tough outer padding. Two zipped compartments. One for 12 CDs and their in-lays, the other the CD player with cable access. Shoulder strap, carry handle, belt clip or bum bag. Code CDP12B 96 CD & DVD ALBUM High quality and a durable deluxe build. Holds up to 96 CD or DVD in protective sleeves. Zips-up. Carry handle. Weather resistant, tough. Code CDW96B CD HARD COVER STORAGE FIRM PLASTIC ZIP-CASE Excellent hard-cover case ideal for the car, etc. Code CDH24GG CD JEWEL CASE COMMON JEWEL CASE BUY IN BULK AND SAVE! PLEASE ENQUIRE POLYCARBONATE CASE Special type opaque non-breakable CD case Suit transporting in Backpacks or post Standard CD sized Never break again! Code MK31C Colour Code Black JWL1B Clear JWL1C CASSETTE ADAPTOR 3.5MM AUTO TO CASSETTE Allows an older cassette car stereo to accept an input from a portable unit like iPod®, MP3, etc. Transmits stereo through the cassette deck. One side / direction Auto reverse Single Head Twin Head Code HN-1205 Code HN-1206 CD & DVDs Not Included Products Not Included CD Player & CDs Not Included DOUBLE JEWEL CASE Holds Two CDs & Book Hard plastic CD Cover Music CD Replacement SLIM JEWEL CASE Hard plastic CD Cover Half standard thickness Clear door Colour Code Clear JWLS1C Black JWLS1B CLAM-SHELL CASE COMPACT SLIM SIZE CD/DVDs Not Included. COLOURED SOFT CD/DVD SLEEVES X50 DOUBLE SIDED Transparent plastic double-sided sleeves. Non-scratch cotton inner. With binder tab spine. Buy 1 to receive 50 Pack of Code x50 CDS50DS STORAGE WALLET 240 CD & DVD ALBUM Sleeve Carry case 300x300x100mm Black Tough no-tear padded material with zippers Code CDS1CS Code CDW240 SINGLE HALF-HEIGHT DOUBLE REPLACEMENT Colour Code Clear JWL2C Black JWL2B