WES Components Catalogue 2020

Web: www.wes.net.au Email: [email protected] Electronic Components 10-107 300mA 12Vac Taps 4W AC MULTI-TAP TRANSFORMER UNIVERSAL 500mA 12Vac Taps 6W AC MULTI-TAP TRANSFORMER UNIVERSAL Transformers are wound with heavy gauge copper and are wrapped with polyester tape. Meeting all major industry standards. Includes mounting kit with plate, pads, nut, and bolt. Wire in series for centre-tap V+V output or double the current by wiring in parallel. COMPACT EFFICIENT LOW-NOISE 20W - 160W - 300W TOROIDAL POWER TRANSFORMERS This item is a technicians Repair/Service Instrument Protects you from direct contact with the mains. 240Vac To 240Vac ISOLATION TRANSFORMER Code MP3080 SEE TOOL SECTION FOR MORE TEST EQUIPMENT 3/4.5/6/7.5/9/12 Volts or 6/9/12 Volt Centre Tapped 43x36x34mm 4 Watt transformer 3/4.5/6/7.5/9/12 Volts or 6/9/12 Volt Centre Tapped 50x42x42mm 6 Watt transformer Technicians Repair/Service Instrument. 240Vac Mains Plug Input with variable 0Vac to 260Vac output. Mechanically adjustable by an Auto-Transformer (No isolation). SEE TOOL SECTION FOR MORE TEST EQUIPMENT 240Vac VARIAC - VARIABLE AC TRANSFORMER Current Code 300mA PT1312 Current Code 500mA PT1512 Type Code 2A TDB240-500 Volts Series Parallel Watt Size Code 9+9 1.11A 2.22A 20W 30x71mmØ TOR-2082 12+12 0.83A 1.66A 20W 30x71mmØ TOR-2084 15+15 0.67A 1.33A 20W 30x71mmØ TOR-2086 12+12 6.66A 13.3A 160W 40x110mmØ TOR-2112 18+18 4.44A 8.88A 160W 40x110mmØ TOR-2113 25+25 3.20A 6.40A 160W 40x110mmØ TOR-2114 12+12 12.5A 25.0A 300W 55x125mmØ TOR-2130 40+40 3.75A 7.50A 300W 55x125mmØ TOR-2140 50+50 3.00A 6.00A 300W 55x125mmØ TOR-2144