WES Components Catalogue 2020

Web: www.wes.net.au Email: [email protected] Electronic Components 10-101 30mm [max] 2.5mm [pitch] 13 18mm 8 20MM PUSH SWITCH MHD 20mm Threaded Code SWP655 With remote. MHD 20mm Threaded Code SWP515 26MM PUSH SWITCH MHD 26mm bracket. Code SWP656 With remote. MHD 26mm bracket. Code SWP516 20MM BRACKET PUSH SWITCH 482227613816 PHILIPS Code SWP3816 MINI PUSH DC 2A 12VDC PCB Mount Double Pole Double Throw Miniature Push I/O Code SWP150 19MM BRACKET PUSH SWITCH Code SWP640 DPST with Tags & Remote reset. MHD 19mm Threaded. 20MM BRACKET PUSH SWITCH Code SWP952 20MM BRACKET PUSH SWITCH 10A 250V SPDT. Code DS680 23MM BRACKET PUSH SWITCH DPST with momentary (reset) Code SWP641 4A 250VAC SQUARE SHAFT KNOB SQUARE Size Code 10x10x10mm KNB681 SQUARE SHAFT KNOB WIDE Size Code 15x10x10mm KNB682 SQUARE SHAFT KNOB ROUND Size Code 10x10mmØ KNB683 28mm † † Slide Switch 4P3T SLIDE SWITCH Code SW86 8P4T SLIDE SWITCH 8 Pole 4 Position 40 Pin Code SW90 † † Push Power 18 PIN REC/PLAY Code RPS20 27 PIN REC/PLAY Code RPS25 30 PIN REC/PLAY Code RPS30 DPDT SLIDE SWITCH 28mm MOUNTING Code SW30 DOOR CATCHER SMALL Push close, Push open Code DL1902 COMPUTER - MOMENTARY MAINBOARD CONNECTOR Code SWP680 20MM POWER SWITCH DPST + SPDT 4A 250VAC Code SWP953 SWITCHED POTENTIOMETERS TV Volume control with Pull-Out Two pole Single throw 240VAC switch. Type Value Code Linear 5K VRS105 Log 20K VRS120 Linear 50K VRS150 Log 100K VRS100 28mm 25-30mm 6mm Diam. 9mm Diam. 25mm