WES Components Catalogue 2020

Electronic Components Web: www.wes.net.au Email: [email protected] INDUCTORS CROSSOVER - SOLEN S14 SERIES OFC AIR-CORE 14AWG 1.63mm High grade, low-loss, pure 99.99% copper wire. Air-core. Very low Magneto-striction distortion. Induction value remains constant regardless of voltage and current variation. Low DCR. Low skin effect losses. Low proximity effect. Low self capacitance. No saturation. No hysteresis. High power. A premium grade component developed for the audiophile. Value Ω Size Solen# Code .16mH .07Ω 14x29x57 mm S14.16 SOL0.16 .18mH .08Ω 14x29x57 mm S14.18 SOL0.18 .20mH .08Ω 14x29x57 mm S14.20 SOL0.20 .22mH .09Ω 14x29x57 mm S14.22 SOL0.22 .27mH .10Ω 14x29x57 mm S14.27 SOL0.27 .33mH .11Ω 16x32x64 mm S14.33 SOL0.33 .39mH .12Ω 16x32x64 mm S14.39 SOL0.39 .47mH .13Ω 16x32x64 mm S14.47 SOL0.47 .51mH .14Ω 16x32x64 mm S14.51 SOL0.51 .56mH .15Ω 16x32x64 mm S14.56 SOL0.56 .68mH .17Ω 19x38x76 mm S14.68 SOL0.68 .82mH .19Ω 19x38x76 mm S14.82 SOL0.82 1.0mH .21Ω 19x38x76 mm S141.0 SOL1.0 1.2mH .24Ω 19x38x76 mm S141.2 SOL1.2 1.5mH .28Ω 19x38x76 mm S141.5 SOL1.5 1.8mH .30Ω 22x45x89 mm S141.8 SOL1.8 2.2mH .33Ω 22x45x89 mm S142.2 SOL2.2 2.7mH .39Ω 22x45x89 mm S142.7 SOL2.7 3.0mH .42Ω 22x45x89 mm S143.0 SOL3.0 3.3mH .45Ω 25x51x102 mm S143.3 SOL3.3 3.9mH .49Ω 25x51x102 mm S143.9 SOL3.9 4.7mH .56Ω 25x51x102 mm S144.7 SOL4.7 5.1mH .59Ω 25x51x102 mm S145.1 SOL5.1 5.6mH .63Ω 25x51x102 mm S145.6 SOL5.6 6.8mH .71Ω 32x64x127 mm S146.8 SOL6.8 8.2mH .79Ω 32x64x127 mm S148.2 SOL8.2 10mH .87Ω 32x64x127 mm S1410 SOL10 INDUCTORS CROSSOVER - DAICHI High purity 18AWG copper with low DC resistance AIR-CORE wound on a plastic bobbin for ventilation and low hysteresis making them ideal for Audio, Speaker Cross-Overs, etc. 1mm extra thick gauge for more current in high power applications. † † Crossover Inductors Tolerance Value ±1% Tolerance DCR (Ohms) ±5% Dimensions (mm) ±10% 1.63mm O/D 14 AWG Temperature -55 °C to +85 °C. Insulation: 130 °C. Solderable: 360 °C. Voltage: 1000 VAC 18AWG COPPER WIRED 1mm Value Ω Size Code 0.03mH 0.05Ω 15x30Ø mm XLA0.03 0.05mH 0.1Ω 50x20Ø mm XLA0.05 0.08mH 0.05Ω 15x30Ø mm XLA0.08 0.10mH 0.1Ω 50x20Ø mm XLA0.1 0.12mH 0.1Ω 50x20Ø mm XLA0.12 0.15mH 0.2Ω 50x20Ø mm XLA0.15 0.18mH 0.2Ω 50x20Ø mm XLA0.18 0.22mH 0.2Ω 50x20Ø mm XLA0.22 0.27mH 0.2Ω 50x20Ø mm XLA0.27 0.33mH 0.3Ω 50x20Ø mm XLA0.33 0.39mH 0.3Ω 50x20Ø mm XLA0.39 0.47mH 0.3Ω 50x20Ø mm XLA0.47 0.56mH 0.4Ω 50x20Ø mm XLA0.56 0.68mH 0.5Ω 50x20Ø mm XLA0.68 0.82mH 0.5Ω 50x30Ø mm XLA0.82 1.0mH 0.6Ω 50x30Ø mm XLA1 1.2mH 0.7Ω 50x30Ø mm XLA1.2 1.5mH 0.8Ω 50x30Ø mm XLA1.5 1.8mH 0.8Ω 50x30Ø mm XLA1.8 2.2mH 0.8Ω 70x35Ø mm XLA2.2 2.7mH 0.9Ω 70x35Ø mm XLA2.7 3.0mH 0.9Ω 70x35Ø mm XLA3 3.3mH 1.2Ω 70x35Ø mm XLA3.3 3.9mH 1.4Ω 70x35Ø mm XLA3.9 4.7mH 1.4Ω 70x35Ø mm XLA4.7 5.6mH 1.4Ω 70x35Ø mm XLA5.6 6.8mH 1.5Ω 70x35Ø mm XLA6.8 8.2mH 1.8Ω 70x35Ø mm XLA8.2 10 mH 2.0Ω 90x45Ø mm XLA10 INDUCTORS FOR CROSSOVER - DAYTON AUDIO DAYTON PERFECT LAYER SERIES 300W RMS Dayton Audio 18 gauge perfect layer wound air core inductors are an excellent choice for high quality crossover construction. Features fully annealed refined copper wire, baked enamel insulator and perfect layer construction. The thin enameled wire permits the tightest windings to minimize DCR and air core construction to ensure no hysteresis and saturation distortions. Perfect layer windings 300Wrms ±3% Tolerance Value Ω Size Code 0.05mH 0.1Ω 16x32mmØ LW18-05 0.13mH 0.16Ω 12x37mmØ LW18-13 0.15mH 0.08Ω 30x41mmØ LW14-15 0.15mH 0.18Ω 13x37mmØ LW18-15 0.1mH 0.14Ω 12x37mmØ LW18-10 0.22mH 0.22Ω 16x38mmØ LW18-22 0.24mH 0.11Ω 31x44mmØ LW14-24 0.27mH 0.25Ω 15x39mmØ LW18-27 0.2mH 0.1Ω 28x44mmØ LW14-20 0.2mH 0.21Ω 15x37mmØ LW18-20 0.33mH 0.28Ω 17x39mmØ LW18-33 0.3mH 0.13Ω 29x47mmØ LW14-30 0.4mH 0.15Ω 29x51mmØ LW14-40 0.4mH 0.29Ω 16x41mmØ LW18-40 0.51mH 0.17Ω 29x53mmØ LW14-51 0.5mH 0.33Ω 16x43mmØ LW18-50 0.6mH 0.19Ω 26x56mmØ LW14-60 0.6mH 0.38Ω 17x44mmØ LW18-60 0.7mH 0.21Ω 29x56mmØ LW14-70 0.7mH 0.41Ω 17x45mmØ LW18-70 0.8mH 0.22Ω 27x59mmØ LW14-80 Value Ω Size Code 0.8mH 0.44Ω 16x47mmØ LW18-80 0.9mH 0.23Ω 30x59mmØ LW14-90 0.9mH 0.48Ω 18x47mmØ LW18-90 1.0mH 0.26Ω 32x59mmØ LW141 1.0mH 0.51Ω 18x49mmØ LW181 1.2mH 0.29Ω 30x61mmØ LW141-2 1.5mH 0.32Ω 32x65mmØ LW141-5 1.5mH 0.64Ω 19x49mmØ LW181-5 2.0mH 0.38Ω 27x78mmØ LW142 2.0mH 0.79Ω 25x49mmØ LW182 2.5mH 0.43Ω 29x78mmØ LW142-5 2.5mH 0.91Ω 26x51mmØ LW182-5 3.0mH 1Ω 28x53mmØ LW183 4.0mH 1.2Ω 30x55mmØ LW184 5.0mH 1.33Ω 28x57mmØ LW185 5.5mH 1.47Ω 27x59mmØ LW185-5 6.0mH 1.48Ω 27x61mmØ LW186 7.0mH 1.62Ω 27x63mmØ LW187 8.0mH 1.8Ω 29x63mmØ LW188 9.0mH 2Ω 28x67mmØ LW189 10mH 2.03Ω 27x69mmØ LW1810 10-73