WES Components Catalogue 2020

Electronic Components Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 MOTOR START CHASSIS MOUNT DUAL 6.35mm TAGS & INSULATED BOLT Non-Inductive construction Self-Healing property. Flame-Retardant Plastic & Epoxy. High Moisture-Resistance. Temp -25°C to +85°C. Tolerance ±5%. Short term Over-V tolerant. Quality Assurance Premium production. As used in Air conditioners, etc. motor start, motor run, across line, and many other mains applications. WTR Value Volts Type Size Code 30µF 450V Fly Lead 45x98mm 30WPR450 50µF 450V Fly Lead 50x109mm 50WPR450 WPR † † AC Motor Start METALISED POLYPROPYLENE MKP1 250VDC / 400VDC / 630VDC High pulse applications, electronics ballast, timing, oscillators, etc. 250Vdc(200Vac), 400Vdc(220Vac) 630Vdc(250Vac) MKP-1 Series Approval test - IEC384-16 / IEC68, 105°C METALISED POLYPROPYLENE MKP2 MKP-2 Series IEC384-16 / IEC68 European quality, pulse application, electronics ballast, snubber, SCR commutating circuits, high current. METALISED POLYPROPYLENE MKP-X2 CLASS X2 MAINS FILTER SAFETY CAPACITORS Specifically suitable for interference suppression and across-the-line type filtering applications. † † Polypropylene Value Volts Pitch Code 0.01μF 400Vdc 15mm .01MKP2-400 0.1μF 250Vdc 15mm .1MKP2-250 0.1μF 400Vdc 15mm .1MKP2-400 0.15μF 250Vdc 15mm .15MKP2-250 0.15μF 400Vdc 15mm .15MKP2-400 0.22μF 400Vdc 22mm .22MKP2-400 0.33μF 400Vdc 22mm .33MKP2-400 MOTOR CAPACITOR 5 TAPS • Insulated chassis mount with 5x Pins 6.5mm Tags. • As used in white goods for motors & noise suppression, etc. • 0.47µF + 2x 4700pF + 2x1mH + 680kΩ • 16A 275Vac • Size: 72x35mmØ Code LB06B SUPPRESSOR CAPACITOR CLASS X1 Y2 DUAL FILTER CAP WITH 6.5mm CONNECTORS Two pole capacitor filter for radio-interference and noise suppression as used in white goods, etc. • Class X1 capacitance 0.1µF • Class Y2 capacitance 2x 0.015µF • Resistor: 2MΩ • 275Vac • 35x19Ømm in size • 3x 70mm leads to 6.5mm Spades Length Size Code 70mm 35x19Ømm KPB7312 Y1 Y2 X1 R1 Value Volts Type Size Code 2.5µF 450V 6.4mm 30x57mm 2.5WTR450 3µF 450V 6.4mm 30X57mm 3WTR450 3.5µF 450V 6.4mm 30x57mm 3.5WTR450 4.5µF 450V 6.4mm 30x57mm 4.5WTR450 6µF 450V 6.4mm 30x57mm 6WTR450 7µF 450V 6.4mm 35x65mm 7WTR450 8µF 450V 6.4mm 35x65mm 8WTR450 10µF 450V 6.4mm 35x65mm 10WTR450 12µF 450V 6.4mm 40x70mm 12WTR450 14µF 450V 6.4mm 40x70mm 14WTR450 16µF 450V 6.4mm 40x70mm 16WTR450 18µF 450V 6.4mm 40x70mm 18WTR450 20µF 450V 6.4mm 40x95mm 20WTR450 25µF 450V 6.4mm 40x95mm 25WTR450 30µF 450V 6.4mm 45x95mm 30WTR450 40µF 450V 6.4mm 50x105mm 40WTR450 50µF 450V 6.4mm 50x105mm 50WTR450 60µF 450V 6.4mm 50x116mm 60WTR450 METALISED POLYPROPYLENE MKP-Y2 Suppression Caps across mains & earth 5000Vac pulse 10mm pitch Value Volts Pitch Code .0068µF 250Vac 10mm .0068MKPY2-250 .022µF 250Vac 15mm .022MKPY2-250 Value Volts Pitch Code 0.0047 275Vac 15mm .0047MKPX2-275 0.01μF 275Vac 15mm .01MKPX2-275 0.022μF 275Vac 15mm .022MKPX2-275 0.033μF 275Vac 15mm .033MKPX2-275 0.047μF 275Vac 15mm .047MKPX2-275 0.068μF 275Vac 15mm .068MKPX2-275 0.1μF 275Vac 15mm .1MKPX2-275 0.22μF 275Vac 15mm .22MKPX2-275 0.22μF 275Vac 22mm XGV.22 0.33μF 275Vac 15mm .33MKPX2-275 0.33μF 275Vac 22mm XGV.33 0.47μF 275Vac 22mm .47MKPX2-275 0.47μF 275Vac 27mm XGV.47 0.68μF 275Vac 27mm .68MKPX2-275 1μF 275Vac 27mm 1MKPX2-275 2.2μF 275Vac 27mm 2.2MKPX2-275 Value Volts Pitch Code 0.047μF 250Vdc 15 .047MKP1-250 0.047μF 630Vdc 15 .047MKP1-630 0.068μF 250Vdc 15 .068MKP1-250 0.068μF 630Vdc 15 .068MKP1-630 0.15μF 400Vdc 15 .15MKP1-400 0.15μF 630Vdc 22 .15MKP1-630 0.1μF 1000Vdc 22 .1MKP1-1000 0.1μF 400Vdc 15 .1MKP1-400 0.22μF 400Vdc 15 .22MKP1-400 0.22μF 630Vdc 22 .22MKP1-630 0.33μF 400Vdc 22 .33MKP1-400 0.33μF 630Vdc 27 .33MKP1-630 0.68μF 400Vdc 22 .68MKP1-400 1.0μF 400Vdc 22 1MKP1-400 1.5μF 400Vdc 27 1.5MKP1-400 2.2μF 400Vdc 27 2.2MKP1-400 10-64