WES Components Catalogue 2020

Electronic Components Web: www.wes.net.au Email: [email protected] Value Volts Pitch Code 100nf 35v 3mm .1T35V 220nf 35v 3mm .22T35V 330nf 35v 3mm .33T35V 470nf 35v 3mm .47T35V 680nf 35v 3mm .68T35V 1μf 35v 3mm 1T35V 2.2μf 16v 3mm 2.2T16V 2.2μf 35v 3mm 2.2T35V 3.3μf 16v 3mm 3.3T16V 3.3μf 35v 3mm 3.3T35V 4.7μf 16v 3mm 4.7T16V 4.7μf 35v 3mm 4.7T35V 6.8μf 16v 3mm 6.8T16V 6.8μf 25v 3mm 6.8T25V 6.8μf 35v 3mm 6.8T35V 10μf 16v 3mm 10T16V 10μf 25v 3mm 10T25V 10μf 35v 3mm 10T35V 15μf 16v 3mm 15T16V 15μf 25v 3mm 15T25V 15μf 35v 3mm 15T35V 22μf 16v 3mm 22T16V 22μf 25v 3mm 22T25V 22μf 35v 3mm 22T35V 33μf 10v 3mm 33T10 33μf 16v 3mm 33T16V 33μf 25v 3mm 33T25V 47μf 16v 3mm 47T16V 47μf 25v 6mm 47T25V 47μf 35v 6mm 47T35V 100μf 6v 3mm 100T6V 100μf 16v 3mm 100T16V CERAMIC 2KV Suit Pulse circuits. “WR” Series. Low loss with minimal drift. -25°C +125°C Tolerance 10% CERAMIC 6KV Suit Pulse circuits. “DE” Series. Low loss with minimal temperature drift. -25°C +125°C Tolerance 10% Value Volts Pitch Code 220 pf 2KV 7.5mm WR220 270 pf 2KV 5.5mm WR270 330 pf 2KV 7.5mm WR330 390 pf 2KV 7.5mm WR390 470 pf 2KV 5.5mm WR470 560 pf 2KV 5.5mm WR560 680 pf 2KV 5.5mm WR680 820 pf 2KV 5.5mm WR820 1000 pf 2KV 8mm WR1000 1200 pf 2KV 8mm WR1200 1500 pf 2KV 5.5mm WR1500 1800 pf 2KV 8mm WR1800 2200 pf 2KV 5.5mm WR2200 2700 pf 2KV 10.5mm WR2700 3300 pf 2KV 10.5mm WR3300 3900 pf 2KV 10.5mm WR3900 4700 pf 2KV 7mm WR4700 5600 pf 2KV 7mm WR5600 6800 pf 2KV 7mm WR6800 8200 pf 2KV 7mm WR8200 Value Pitch Volts Code 3.3 pf 10mm 6KV DE3.3 3.9 pf 10mm 6KV DE3.9 4.7 pf 10mm 6KV DE4.7 5.6 pf 10mm 6KV DE5.6 6.8 pf 10mm 6KV DE6.8 8.2 pf 10mm 6KV DE8.2 10 pf 10mm 6KV DE10 12 pf 10mm 6KV DE12 15 pf 10mm 6KV DE15 18 pf 10mm 6KV DE18 22 pf 10mm 6KV DE22 27 pf 10mm 6KV DE27 33 pf 10mm 6KV DE33 39 pf 10mm 6KV DE39 47 pf 10mm 6KV DE47 68 pf 10mm 6KV DE68 82 pf 10mm 6KV DE82 100 pf 10mm 6KV DE100 120 pf 10mm 6KV DE120 150 pf 10mm 6KV DE150 180 pf 10mm 6KV DE180 220 pf 10mm 6KV DE220 270 pf 10mm 6KV DE270 330 pf 10mm 6KV DE330 390 pf 10mm 6KV DE390 470 pf 10mm 6KV DE470 560 pf 10mm 6KV DE560 680 pf 10mm 6KV DE680 820 pf 10mm 6KV DE820 1000 pf 10mm 6KV DE1000 1200 pf 10mm 6KV DE1200 1500 pf 10mm 6KV DE1500 1800 pf 10mm 6KV DE1800 2200 pf 10mm 6KV DE2200 3300 pf 10mm 6KV DE3300 3600 pf 12mm 6KV DE3600 3900 pf 12mm 6KV DE3900 4700 pf 12mm 6KV DE4700 5600 pf 12mm 6KV DE5600 6800 pf 12mm 6KV DE6800 8200 pf 12mm 6KV DE8200 † † Silver Mica SILVER MICA CAPACITORS 500V Absolute best sounding capacitors for audio, tone and filter circuits, etc. Also ideal for Oscillators and TX ccts. Sourced from the USA, for HOT valves. MIL-C-5 RS153. Indian Ruby Muscovite & Epoxy Resin Dipped Superior heat, moisture, shock resistance. High stability -55 to 135°C Tolerance ±5% Long life reliability. Audiophile sound. www.simicelectronics.com Value Pitch Code 10pf 7mm SMC10 22pf 7mm SMC22 33pf 7mm SMC33 47pf 7mm SMC47 68pf 7mm SMC68 100pf 7mm SMC100 120pf 7mm SMC120 150pf 7mm SMC150 220pf 7mm SMC220 250pf 7mm SMC250 390pf 7mm SMC390 500pf 7mm SMC500 680pf 7mm SMC680 1000pf 10mm SMC1000 † † Ceramic † † Tantalum TANTALUM CAPACITORS 10-59