WES Components Catalogue 2020

Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 Automotive REPLACEMENT AM/FM LOCK DOWN Sect. 4 Up 75cm Lead 130cm Chrome Plated Bulk. No packaging. Code AP64 Black Anodised Code AP66B Stainless Steel Code AP62 UNIVERSAL Lock-Down Chrome Plated Two Heads for both standard or smaller type European cars, etc. Up 95cm Sect. 5 Lead 1.5M Code AP63 UNIVERSAL Top Cowl Up 96cm Lead 122cm Code AP30 SPRING BASE Fully Retractable Sect. 4 Up 122cm Lead 122cm Code AP76 SPRING-BALL Sect. 3 Up 120cm Lead 137cm STEEL Code AP40 BLACK Code AP42B SPRING-BALL BOOSTER COIL IN MAST Sect. 3 Up 134cm Lead 127cm Code AP46 RUBBER DUCK Suit Universal Up 37cm Lead 125cm Code AP102 HIGH ANGLE Universal Sweep-back Suit VW, Hilux 83-88, etc. Sect. 4 Up 100cm Lead 120cm Code AP60 DELUXE RUBBER Black rubber mast with Heavy-duty metal base Sect. 1 Up 36cm Lead 137cm Code AP103 GUARD MOUNT Removable rubber mast with 12VDC Active amplifier Sect. 1 Up: 87.5mm Lead: 442.5mm Code AP167 SCREW IN ROOF MOUNT Coated stainless steel electronic mast Sect.: 1 Length: 40.5cm Thread: 5mm Code AP267 SHORT 10cm Code AP274 09-84