WES Components Catalogue 2020

Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 Automotive 09-54 BATTERY NOT INCLUDED Charges sealed lead acid (recommended up to 12Ah) Fast-Charge 14.4V to 90% then trickle. Alligator Clips. 2 STAGE INTELLIGENT CHARGER SLA QUICK CHARGER 12V 1A Volts Current Code 12V 1000mA LAC1201 BATTERY MONITOR & CHARGER TESTER 12V SLA Compact size tester. LED battery tester for 12V battery, progressive light bar for showing battery capacity plus a charger check. Suitable for all range of 12V lead acid batteries. Charger over-voltage indicates Bad. Charger under voltage no indication Charging indicates good. Code BT012RB BATTERY MONITOR LCD 12V/24V SLA 12V & 24V ADVANCED MONITORING Tester that monitors the status & welfare of your lead acid battery and charger operation. LCD voltage display plus icons indicate eight different status parameters of battery and charging conditions. Code BT124LCD 12V DIGITAL BATTERY TESTER SUITABLE FOR TESTING 12V AUTOMOTIVE BATTERIES • Checks voltage, cold cranking amps (CCA), resistance and overall battery condition • Continuous testing will not damage battery • Uses car battery for 12V power, no extra internal batteries needed • Large backlit LCD screen • Easy-to-carry and durable design Code AE310 † † SLA Battery Testers † † SLA Battery Chargers † † 12V SLA Battery Charger CONSTAR LEADS AVAILABLE CONSTAR BATTERY LEADS - ICS1 “Battery-Guardian” ICS1 Chargers use “Constar” type two pin IP65 connectors. Here are Plug to Plug Extensions Length Code 30cm QD2P 3M BFL7 4.8mm SPADE Code BFL5 6.35mm SPADE Code BFL6 Code BFL1 Code BFL4 LEAD & ALLIGATOR CLIPS ACCESSORIES PLUG ACCESSORIES SOCKET Code BFL8 RING TERMINALS Code BFL2 Suits ICS1 range. CONSTAR MONITOR METER INLINE VOLTAGE Plugs inline with the “Constar” charger lead. Measures voltage 5-40Vdc. LCD 4 Digit Display. Monitors charge voltage or battery voltage. Code BFL9 SLA BATTERY CHARGER - ICS1 SUITS SLA VRLA WET GEL AGM EFB Enecharger ICS1 Battery Guardian - 6V / 12V 1.0A 7 Step Fully Automatic Lead Acid Battery Charger with “Constar” connector leads • 7 step charging method for 6V/12V Lead Acid, VRLA, Wet, Gel, maintenance free and AGM batteries • Automatic voltage detection and automatic shut off • Charges batteries from 4Ah up to 20Ah • Maintains batteries up to 100Ah • Reverse polarity protection and spark proof • LED status indication Description Code Charger Kit - Alligator or Ring Terminals ICS1 Charger Kit - F1 4.8mm Spade Terminals ICS1-F1 Charger Kit - F2 6.35mm Spade Terminals ICS1-F2 ICS1 = BFL1 + BFL2 ICS1-F1 = BFL5 ICS1-F2 = BFL6 COMPATIBLE COMPATIBLE COMPATIBLE COMPATIBLE BatteryLevelLow BatteryLevelFair BatteryLevelFull BatteryFullyCharged BatteryCharging BatteryOverCharged ! BatteryFaultyorDamaged DeepDischargeWarning [BatteryBelow11V /22V] † † Power 12VDC