WES Components Catalogue 2020

Web: www.wes.net.au Email: [email protected] Automotive † † Power Cable EXTREME-POWER OFC INTERCONNECT Pure Oxygen-Free Copper Power Interconnect. Incredible current limits beyond measurement. Automotive grade red tinted outer jacket. For shorter lengths see our installation kits. Supplied on 30 Metre reels. HIGH-POWER OFC INTERCONNECT 4AWG 180A 5.2mmØ Jacket 10mmØ Colour Length Code Red Clear 30M BSX430R Black Clear 30M BSX430B Black Solid 50M APC1041 8AWG 92A 3.3mmØ Jacket 7mmØ Transparent Jacket. 50 Metres. Colour Length Code Red 50M APC1280 Black 50M APC1281 LOW-POWER OFC INTERCONNECT SINGLE WIRES FOR ACCESSORIES CONNECTIONS Single multi-strand small gauge cable with 1.8mm O/D colour coded jacket for low power car accessories, trigger wires, etc. Rated peak 5A for short lengths. Supplied 100M Reels. 16AWG “TRIGGER” CABLE 100M Colour AWG Code Orange 16 MX16100 AUTOMOTIVE TWIN POWER CABLE Red & Black pair for speakers or DC power Extra thick PVC jacket for protection in high wear and hostile environments Multi-stranded copper wire pair Figure 8 cable. Supplied on 100M reels 12AWG 15A HEAVY DUTY JACKET 61x0.18mm Strands. 2x4.5mm Jacket. Code AW1861 18AWG 10A HEAVY DUTY JACKET 37x0.12mm Strands. 2x3.5mm Jacket. Code AW1237 † † Cable Protection AUTOMOTIVE SPLIT LOOM TUBING Size Code 7mm x 10M PST7 10mm x 10M PST10 16mm x 10M PST16 Colour Length Code Black 30M BSX230B 2AWG 6.5mmØ + Jacket High Grade Flexible 99.95% OFC SoundLink in Red or Black. Colour AWG Code Red 20 AP916R Black 20 AP916BK Green 20 AP916GR Yellow 20 AP916Y Blue 20 AP916BL Orange 20 AP916OR 20 AWG ACCESSORIES CABLE 100M for 100M for 100M More Available See Section 02 Cables & Connectors Split down the middle for easy application & wiring. Protective ribbed casing, like a vacuum hose, so will bend for easy installation. Diameter does not stretch. Strength along the diameter. UV black ABS plastic. † † Audio Installation Components More Available See Section 02 Cables & Connectors 09-45