WES Components Catalogue 2020

Web: www.wes.net.au Email: [email protected] Power & Lighting Volts Current Plug Brand Code 18.5V, 19V 4.90A, 4.75A EIAJ-03 *HP/Compaq, Delta Asus NEC BC10-RA 15V 6.00A 6.3/3.0mm *Toshiba NEC BC10-RB 19V 4.75A 5.5/2.1mm *Acer Liteon NEC BC10-RC 19V 4.75A 5.5/2.5mm *IBM Dell Delta HP/Compaq, Asus Liteon NEC Gateway BC10-RD 16V 5.00A 5.5/2.5mm *IBM BC10-RE 19V 4.75A 5.5/3.0mm *Samsung BC10-RF 16V 5.00A 6.0/4.3mm *Sony Fujitsu BC10-RG 19V, 19.5V 4.75A, 4.50A 6.0/4.3mm *Fujitsu, Sony BC10-RH 20V 4.50A 7.3mm² *Dell [Square 3-Pin] BC10-RK 19V, 20V 4.75A, 3.50A 5.5/1.7mm Toshiba Acer, Delta BC10-RI 22V 2.04A 3.5/1.35mm Sharp BC10-RL 24V 2.70A 7.7/2.5mm Apple [LS-CR90AA Only] BC10-RN 24V 2.70A 9.5/3.5mm Apple [LS-CR90AA Only] BC10-RO 18.5V 4.90A 7.4/5.0mm HP/Compaq BC10-RQ 12V 5.00A 5.5/2.5mm General Purpose 12V BC10-RR 14V 5.00A 5.5/2.5mm Samsung BC10-RS 19V 4.74A *4.8/1.7mm HP/Compaq [*Bullet Head] BC10-RT 9.5V 5.00A EIAJ-03 Asus EEE PC BC10-RU 12V 3.00A 5.5/1.7mm Asus BC10-RV 19.5V 3.34A, 4.62A 7.4/5mm Dell BC10-N22 18.5V 3.5A, 4.9A 7.4/5mm HP BC10-N23 20V 3.25, 4.5A 7.9/5.5mm IBM/Lenovo BC10-N24 19V 2.1A 3/1mm Samsung BC10-N33 19.5V 2.31A, 3.34A 4.5/3mm Dell BC10-N42 BC10 BC10 BC10 PLUGS - RIGHT ANGLE Right angle plugs to suit PAB90AL. Please choose the correct plug to suit your specific brand of laptop. *Are supplied in the PAB90AL kits. BC10 PLUGS - ADDITIONAL AVAILABLE Choose the correct plug to suit your specific brand of laptop. Most popular types are already supplied with the PAB90AL kit. The type of plug determines the output voltage as per the laptop it is designed to suit. Specifications of each plug are listed below: Ten other plugs, the more popular types, already supplied. Right angle versions available below. PLUGS TO SUIT PAB90AL PLUGS PLUGS NOTE: * A to H, & K types are already supplied with the chargers. The entire range of plugs are now all available separately in right-angle. These plugs will all suit PAB90AL power supplies. Select the specific plug to suit your specific laptop, then plug and go! BC10 PLUGS BC10 INTELLIGENT LAPTOP POWER SUPPLY 90W ULTRA SLIM POWER SOLUTION DigitalCamera Laptop DigitalCamcorder iPhone™/PDA Mobile MP3/MP4 MonitorLCD • Low profile version with inline LCD display of voltage output. Voltage selected depends on plug used. Includes USB power socket. • Regulated Laptop mains supply. • KIT WITH TEN BC10 PLUGS • Includes Plugs A-H, J, K • Suits most popular laptops. • More available. See below... • 30x60x135mm Power Code 90W PAB90AL BC10 Plug ID is listed below (Right Angle). Check to see if your Laptop is accommodated. Additional BC10 plugs are also listed. † † Power Supply Laptop Volts Current Plug Brand Code 19V, 20V 4.74A 5.5 / 1.7mm Toshiba BC10-I 19.5V 4.62A 5.5/1.7mm Toshiba Acer, Delta BC10-J 20V 4.50A 7.3mm² *Dell [Square 3-Pin] BC10-K 22V 2.04A 3.5/1.35mm Sharp BC10-L 20V 4.50A 7.9/ 5.5mm IBM/Lenovo BC10-M 12V 5.00A 5.5 /2.5mm LCD BC10-R 19V 4.47A 4.8 /1.7mm HP/Compaq [*Bullet Head] BC10-T 9.5V 4.00A 5.5/ 1.7mm ASUS BC10-U 08-183