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Casio Projector with USB Power Output Supply

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Casio Ultra Short Throw Testimonial installed at Le Fevre High School South Australia

Product Show Case

Technical Highlights


Revolutionary light source.

It’s the heart of every CASIO projector: The revolutionary light source. Unlike conventional projector lamps this entirely new technology works without mercury. With a life time of up to 20,000 hours, the hybrid laser & LED light source with up to 4,000 ANSI lumens2 is setting new standards. Experience expressive and realistic colour rendition in high quality – all without conventional mercury lamps.
Casio Projectors Australia

In the advanced illumination technology of the Pro and Short Throw series, the colour blue is generated via a blue LED.

Casio Projectors Australia

CASIO projectors – for up to 10,000 two-hour presentations without lamp replacement.

Casio Projectors Australia

Economical and ecological:

  • life time of up to 20,000 hours
  • no follow-up costs with expensive and laborious lamp replacement
  • mercury-free illumination technology

Casio Projectors Australia

Casio Projectors Australia
Brilliant colour reproduction, high light output even in daylight and very environmentally friendly performance due to abandonment of mercury – until today, projectors with a combination of all these features have not been available. Through the development of an innovative new lighting technology, CASIO has succeeded in combining all three attributes in a single projector.This marriage of high brightness and environmentally friendly performance is so far unique6 on the projector market. Neither conventional projectors with mercury lamps nor pure LED models are able to achieve this.CASIO is setting new standards for the next generation of projectors.

Intelligent Brightness Control.

he Intelligent Brightness Control automatically adapts the projector’s brightness to different lighting conditions, thus further optimising energy consumption.

Impressive colour rendition.

The new CASIO projectors fascinate viewers with a brilliant colour rendition and extreme range of colours that is further enhanced by the ‘Helmholtz-Kohlrausch effect’. This optical phenomenon causes an increase in the subjective perception of brightness proportional to the degree of colour saturation. The greyscale rendition of the new projectors is also almost perfect: black appears really black, and not as a very dark grey shade. Images with the vitality and clarity of rich colours and finest details make every business presentation and evening of home entertainment a truly memorable experience.

Casio Projectors Australia
The CASIO projectors cover a larger area of the colour spectrum perceptible to the human eye.

Flexible and mobile.

Extremely flexible: The new Mobi Show1, 2 app makes it possible to link mobile phones and tablet PCs directly to the projector via WLAN. Presentations and teaching materials can thus be prepared on a computer and then presented from your mobile device whenever desired.
Casio Projectors Australia

The Mobi Show app enables presentations without a computer.

Presenting without wiring.

CASIO projectors feature WLAN capabilities2 so there’s no need for the inconvenience of wiring up to a computer. As many as four computer can be connected simultaneously to the projector via WLAN – perfect for presentations with several speakers.

Mobile use or ceiling installation.

From small offices to large conference halls with ceiling mounting, CASIO projectors can be used in a wide range of different spaces. And with the Quick Start & Stop function, long waits are a thing of the past. The projectors are ready for use in just five seconds.

Casio Projectors Australia

Thanks to the light source’s long life time of up to 20,000 hours, the inconvenience of lamp replacement is no longer an issue.

Casio Projectors Australia

Presenting without wiring: with wireless LAN.

Interactive and three-dimensional.

The projector software Presentation Draw2 (optional) turns lessons and business presentations into an interactive experience: the movement of the Interactive Pointer is registered by the wireless pointing function and reproduced on the projected surface in real time.
Casio Projectors Australia

The interplay of Interactive Pointer, projector and computer enables interactive presentations.

Write, scroll and draw: on any projected surface with the Interactive Pointer.

Casio Projectors Australia

The movement of the Interactive Pointer is directly reproduced on the projection.

The third dimension.

The DLP® 3D Ready feature2,3 opens up new horizons in teaching, presentations and talks. Possibilities such as three-dimensional models, spatial visualisations and engaging, realistic illustrations are within easy reach with CASIO projectors. The optional active-shutter glasses invite you to enter a three-dimensional world.

Casio Projectors Australia

Compelling 3D projections in business presentations and lessons – with DLP® 3D Ready technology2,3.

What is the benefit of 3D projections?

Projected 3D images make lessons and presentations more visually stimulating and engaging:

  • for presenting three-dimensional buildings, architectural sketches and anatomical models.
  • for lessons with longer-lasting impact and enhanced learning results thanks to fascinating 3D content – such as 3D renditions of molecular structures or virtual perspectives of the Earth.

Multifunctional with everything you need.

Bright and brilliant.

Casio Projectors Australia
The brightness sensors automatically adapt the projector’s brightness to different lighting conditions.
Casio Projectors Australia
2x optical zoom2  optimally adjusts to ambient lighting conditions for complete flexibility.
Casio Projectors Australia
Eco-friendly due to operating without conventional mercury lamps.
Casio Projectors Australia
Brilliant, deep, contrast-rich colours ? even in daylight.
Casio Projectors Australia
Light source with a life time of up to 20,000 hours.
Casio Projectors Australia
Mercury-free hybrid laser & LED light source with up to 4,000 ANSI lumens2.

Interactive and three-dimensional.

Casio Projectors Australia
DLP® 3D Ready technology2,3 for three-dimensional projections (active-shutter glasses optional).
Casio Projectors Australia
Projector software Presentation Draw2 for presentations with an interactive pointer (optional).

Flexible and mobile.

Casio Projectors Australia
Suitable for permanent usage. Projector restarts once a day. Special warranty for permanent usage.
Casio Projectors Australia
Optimal rendition of images in 16:10 format2 and exceptional picture quality.
Casio Projectors Australia
Easy delivery of presentations from mobile phones and tablet PCs via WLAN (additional software required)2.
Casio Projectors Australia
The WLAN module2 enables wireless operation of the projector from several laptops at once ? eliminating the need to laboriously connect up cables.
Casio Projectors Australia
Energy consumption of 0.4 watt in standby mode (in accordance with EU regulations).

1 Mobi Show is a registered trademark of AWIND Inc.
in Taiwan and/or other countries.
2 This feature is only available with selected models.
Please consult the product specifications.
3 3D projection is not possible by using HDMI connector.
4 Only in WXGA resolution.
5 Whichever occurs first.
6 Up to January 2011

Casio Projectors Australia
Presentation timer for exactly keeping the planned time.
Casio Projectors Australia
Quick Start & Stop ? ensures your projector is ready to use at the push of a button and makes warm-up and cool-down phases a thing of the past.
Casio Projectors Australia
For presentations on the move without a PC ? with converted files via the USB 2.0 port2.
Casio Projectors Australia
HDMI input ensures that your projector is capable of handling all-digital data transfer.
Casio Projectors Australia
CASIO projectors are equipped for high-definition image rendition4